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Downton Abbey Bingo

I recently confessed that I am now a Downton Abbey addict. It’s okay, I’m dealing with it. I never thought I would utter those words, but for some WEIRD reason – I am OBSESSED with the show.

Maybe it’s the changing era, the fabulous clothing, the ridiculous words that I have to prevent myself from spitting out while having a conversation – I BID YOU A GOOD DAY SIR – silliness, I KNOW.

downton abbey addict bingo

Paste Magazine has done the brilliant. They have taken 2 of my favorite things… Downton Abbey and well… BINGO and made Downton Abbey Bingo. Ladies, get out your daubers and brew some tea we’re playing BINGO!

Downton Abbey Bingo

downton abbey bingo

Download all 4 cards at Paste Magazine

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