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Keep Current Photos Displayed with the Nix Digital Photo Frame

For Christmas, Sean bought me a Canon 70D and next month, I am taking a photography workshop with the brilliant Jill Ann. She was over a few weeks ago, we sat around talking about photography – and while I decorate with photos, none are up to date.

I shoot with my iPhone daily and post to Instagram frequently. Lightroom is full of all kinds of photos that just sit their on my computer, just waiting for me to print them. About that…

So when Nix Frames emailed and asked if I would like to review their frame, I was totally excited because their frames are more than the standard digital photo frame, their digital frames are CONNECTED! Connected? Say what? Let me explain…

Digital Mom reviews the Nix Digital Photo Frame

This frame is connected to my wi-fi and can pull in whatever photos I want. I can login to my Nix account and choose which Instagram photos I want it to pull. I can also give my family an email address to send me photos that will show up on the frame, pretty neat huh? And what is better is there is no service fee outside of the frame purchase.

Setup took around 10 minutes, this included me getting the Nix frame out of the box, screwing in the stand – creating a Nix account, plugging in the frame, letting the frame update, and choosing the photos from various social media accounts that I wanted to display. The color is great and the digital photo frame is the perfect addition to our living room.

outdated photos

While I was excited about seeing NEW photos (sadly, I only have a few photos of our fourth child printed!) – my toddlers were more excited than me. The first time they noticed it, my 4-year-old screamed “IT’S ME MOMMY! IT’S ME!” and then with every rotation, “IT’S DETSY!” or “IT’S IJAH!” and this has happened everyday for the last week that we’ve had the frame plugged in.

We made the mantle the permanent location for the digital frame, since the toddlers like it so much. This way everyone can see the photos, and the tots can’t get to as easily.

Here is everything you need to know about the Nix Digital Photo Frame.

Free your photos from the Cloud

All of your photos stored on the Cloud: Facebook, Picasa, Instagram or any of your hardware devices, are seamlessly displayed on one easy to use program. You can even access friends’ Facebook and Instagram photos.

nix play digital frame review
nix play digital frame review

So you can now manage all these photos in one place and seamlessly create beautiful slideshows from any of your collections.

Create Slideshow

The beauty of the Ultimate Cloud Frame is that it lets you access and select all your photos, no matter where they’re stored. Just drag them into a slideshow – and if you want to make any changes you can delete, add or reorder the photos however you like – you have complete control!

Share with friends and family

Sharing with friends and loved ones is easy. Once you’ve created a Slideshow you just send it to your Frame, or any Frame registered on your account.

Operate Remotely

The Frame can easily be operated remotely as you can create and share slideshows from a smartphone, tablet or computer. So it’s easy to surprise loved ones from wherever you are in the world, just with the click of a button. Imagine the possibilities!


And don’t worry – everything is hidden from public access, so your photos are 100% secure.

Motion Sensor

It’s so convenient each Frame comes with an inbuilt Motion Sensor so you don’t ever have to worry about switching it on or off.

wireless digital photo frame

The motion sensor is very easily set up and can be set to switch off after sensing no movement in time increments from 30 seconds to 1 hour. When the frame activates after sensing movement it can play either your photos (from where it left off in the slideshow), or videos. The choice is yours.

If you are looking for a great gift for a relative (or yourself) – the Nix Digital Frame is a great choice.

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