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Never Forget To Send a Birthday Card Again – There’s an App For That

It’s time to play – there’s an app for that! Today’s app solves the age old problem of forgetting to mail birthday cards. I envy those who can remember this task. I have a birthday this coming week, and I have a few sweet friends who year after year remember and send me a card.

I feel overwhelmed with guilt as I, well I SUCK at mailing cards. I buy them. I write in them. The thought is there, it’s the address and sticking in the mail is where I FAIL majorly.

treat app review

Thankfully, due to modern technology and the clever people who bring you – there is a solution for those of you who are like me. You mean well, but just can’t seem to get that birthday card out the door and into the mailbox to mail.

Treat Birthday Card App for iPhone has taken the errand of looking on your calendar for birthdays, running to the card store, buying a birthday card, writing a greeting, finding the address, finding a stamp and mailing the card — and put it into your iPhone! Thats right, this app does all that and more!

Download the Treat Birthday Card App

You will be shown all of your friend’s who have upcoming birthdays!

Personalize Birthday Cards on Your iPhone

Treat’s app features numerous birthday cards that you can personalize with text and some even with photo. If the birthday card recipient is in your phone, Treat will automatically fill-in the contact info (or you can manually enter).

birthday card app

Never Forget a Birthday!

The app also features a birthday reminder list that works both thru Facebook integration as well as any birthdays that you manually enter. You can enable push-notifications to notify you of an upcoming birthdays as well!

Schedule Birthday Card Delivery

My favorite feature has to be the scheduling of card delivery. That’s right, you can schedule cards up to a year in advance! You will never forget Grandma’s birthday again!

Send Gift Cards

Who doesn’t love a gift card?? You have the option to include a gift card to various retailers (HELLO AMAZON!) if you would like! No shopping required, all from your iPhone – LOVE IT!

And if you are looking for holiday cards or other styles of greetings cards – make sure to check out You can personalize cards for any event. Stay tuned, we will be giving away a VIP membership to early next week!

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