Smash Cakes 101 – a Messy, Fun and Memorable Birthday Tradition

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One of my favorite birthday traditions is smash cakes.

As much as I love the idea of traditions, I am awful at following through! One tradition that I’ve maintained with each of our 4 kids is the first birthday tradition of the baby having a smash cake.

baby eating smash cake messy

It’s always the highlight of our child’s first birthday party. When we had a celebration for Zeke’s first birthday we had the smash cake. While we each our kids had a smash cake at their first birthday, I learned that not everyone knows! A friend of mine who is kidless was at Zeke’s birthday party. She was in awe of this fun birthday tradition!

Smash Cake 101 – Everything You Should Know About Smash Cakes 

This got me thinking and talking to a few people who don’t have kids. Come to find out, they had no idea about smash cakes either!

Let’s fix this with a little smash cake 101. Here is a little 4-1-1 on the birthday smash cake tradition!

What is a Smash Cake?

A smash cake is typically a small cake (you can make this healthy if you’d like, but typically just a normal cake). A larger cake is served to the guest, but the smash cake is for baby alone.

baby cake smashed - smash cakes birthday tradition

Smash Cakes are a Recent Trend

Smash Cakes have become popular in the last 10 years. So don’t get all mad at your mom if you didn’t have one at your first birthday party.

zeke first birthday cake

Smash Cake History

The history of the smash cake is a mystery. Google can’t tell me who created this!

Baby’s First Taste of Sugar

The idea of the smash cake is that it’s your baby’s first real taste of sugar, their first birthday cake!

baby first taste of sugar with first birthday smash cake

Not All Babies Like Smashing the Cake

Not all babies go after the cake. Our first child didn’t care about it. Our third hated his hands messy!

touch baby first cake

How to Prepare for a Smash Cake

In order to prepare for the potential mess that a smash cake can bring, put a disposable table cloth on the floor and strip your child down to his diaper.

zeke first birthday cake

Smash Cake Clean Up

Have a towel, wash cloth and soap ready for the post smash cake clean-up! We just threw Zeke in the sink. This is chocolate, not poo!

cake clean up

Smash Cakes Don’t Have to Be Just for First Birthday Parties

Smash cakes aren’t limited to first birthdays! I have a friend who had a 30 year old smash cake. They are fun for all ages, but are extra special for a baby’s birthday!

second birthday smash cakes

We purchased a small cake for our 2-year-old Izaiah for his second birthday. He LOVED it, except for the most part, he used a fork.

Priceless Photos

Have your camera ready! The reactions and faces are absolutely priceless.

Connor's first birthday smash cake