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Road Trip to Nashville, TN

We are on a road trip to Nashville, TN.

From Dallas to Nashville, TN – this family is on a road trip that is making me want to pull my hair out.  This past weekend, we loaded up the Enclave and headed 12 hours northeast to Music City to visit my sister-in-law and family.

Family Travels to Nashville on a Road Trip

While our family LOVES road tripping, we have managed to keep our adventures with 4 kids relatively short. Typically it’s just our 3 hourish drive to Austin – so multiplying that by 4 was quite the headache.

Family Travel

We don’t tell our kids much. So as we were packing the SUV, the question inevitably came up…..  “Where are we going?” “Austin”. Yes, I fibbed to my children and told them we were going to see Grandma, but I had good reason!  They miss their cousins in Nashville dearly and we wanted to surprise them.  Little did we know that our daughter would be tracking our trip via her iPod Touch in the backseat (ARGH should of turned off the hot spot!). As we approached Texarkana she notified us we were going the wrong way.   We then were informed that the state on the signs was shaped like Arkansas not Texas.  As time went on, she grew more and more frustrated.  We finally spilled the beans when we crossed over the Mississippi river into Memphis, TN.

Cozy Corner BBQ in Memphis, TN

Road Trip to Nashville, TN

Our road trip to Nashville included 8 stops. 2 of which we filled up for gas. 4 bathroom breaks and 2 times to eat. This would be why the 650 mile trip took 12 hours. Since our toddlers just DO NOT do good in hotel rooms, we decided it would be best to just suck it up and drive straight.

Memphis BBQ

On the way to Nashville, passing thru Memphis, TN we knew we had to get BBQ.  One of our favorite things to do while road tripping is finding hole-in-the-wall diners featured on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. Here is the best place I found to search for Triple D restaurants.  Our Memphis BBQ find was Cozy Corners Cafe.  Check out our visit to Cozy Corners Cafe and what we thought about this Memphis, TN classic.

Toddler Travel

Traveling with toddlers is always an adventure.  Read the 9 things I learned while road tripping with toddlers.


Stay tuned for more about our fun adventures from our road trip to Nashville, TN.