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5 Things to Do NOW If You Get a New Smart Phone or Tablet


Did you receive a new smartphone or tablet? If so, this post is for YOU! Our kids received Android tablets and my daughter received a smart phone for Christmas this year. Let’s just say my daughter’s gift sparked the reason for this post.

5 Things to Do NOW If You Get a New Smart Phone or Tablet

Now that you’ve gotten your new device, let’s dive into 5 things you need to do NOW.

1. Buy a Protective Case

broken cell phone screen buy a protective case

So, as I was saying – this post was inspired by my daughter. With the rush of Christmas, I totally forgot to buy my daughter a protective case for her new smartphone.  This is what happened on day 4 of her having the new device. No bueno! Stay tuned for a tutorial on replacing a Samsung Galaxy S3 screen.

The cheapest place to buy a protective case for your tablet or smart phone is Amazon. I’ve tried the big box stores, contemplating buying at the cell phone provider store – but always go back to Amazon since I know I will save significantly and have a much larger selection to cases to choose from.

My favorite cases are the Life Proof cases and Otterbox cases.

2. Install a Tracker

theftie tracker

For any iOS device, make sure that Find My iPhone is on. For Android, I suggest using Theftie. Theftie is free and works similar to Find My iPhone, but gives you the option to snap photos of whoever could be using your device.

3. Setup Back-ups

setup backup on new phone

If you are using an iOS device, setup the icloud to back-up all of your photos and contacts. For Android, I recommend sending everything to Google+.  

You can setup your photos to be privately backed-up. This makes downloading photos easy. I have found this to be much easier than trying to get my Mac to sync with my Android HTC One M8.

4. Get to Know Your Device

htc one m8 get to know your device

It amazes me that people spend hundreds of dollars on a device, but don’t take the time to actually learn the device!

Visit the manufacturers, watch YouTube videos and get to know your device. My phone is my best friend, it is always with me. Knowing everything about it will only help make the device enable you to be more productive.

5. To Insure or Not to Insure Your Device


Something you maybe wondering is if it’s worth insuring your device.

If you are in a situation where you will owe money if you lose your device or if you have a habit (okay, bad luck) of losing or dropping your device (hence, why I suggest getting it in a protective case and installing a finder!) — insuring your device maybe something you want to do!

I hope these tips help you with your new smart phone or tablet! Enjoy!

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