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Yes Chef Memes – #1 Way to Give a Sarcastic Reply

Whether you are loving the Bear season 1 or Gordon Ramsay, these Yes Chef memes are for anyone who needs a sarcastic reply.

Are you a fan of Kitchen Confidential or have you seen the new Hulu series The Bear? Both feature chefs, and the response when you give after being directed to do a task is Yes Chef.

Funny Yes Chef Memes

This is all fun and games, especially when you take this and meme it. Next time a superior or anyone who will get the humor and sarcasm, asks you to do something – reply with one of our funny yes chef memes.

yes chef meme
yes chef memes

The new yes sir, yes mam, yes daddy – is yes chef.

yes chef that would be great
yes chef memes

Yes Chef The Bear Memes

The newest hit show to help popularize these Yes Chef memes is The Bear. Just released in late June 2022 – you can catch this hit show on FX on Hulu.

yes chef the bear meme
yes chef the bear meme

While I loved watching Jeremy Allen White, as Phillip “Lip” Gallagher on Shameless – he takes on the lead role as Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto. Carmy’s nickname is Bear, hence the name of the show.

yes chef the bear sydney

In the show, Bear is a young chef in Hulu’s The Bear. He plays a young accomplished chef who returns to his family’s struggling Chicago sandwich shop after his brother dies. Hulu’s The Bear has just been renewed for season 2.

Gordon Ramsay Memes

The original yes chef memes are from the owner and head chef of numerous restaurants, Gordon Ramsay. He popularized the kitchen / chef lingo and brought it to the masses.

sorry chef yes chef meme
sorry chef yes chef meme

Known for his blunt approach to getting things done in the kitchen, enjoy these Gordon Ramsay memes.

the cow is so rare it is still mooing gordon ramsay meme yes chef
gordon ramsay meme yes chef

His reality tv show, Kitchen Confidential introduced us to the saying that we all now love to reply with.

chef gordon ramsay meme its raw yes chef
chef gordon ramsay meme

The New Yes Daddy

Yes Daddy is out and Yes Chef is in. Two good points by two different tweets. @Chlostrophobic points out that yes chef is cool, inventive and gender neutral. While saying yes daddy is boring, over used and reinforces patriarchal ideals.

yes daddy yes chef meme
yes daddy yes chef meme

Yes Daddy is overplayed, unoriginal and insinuates daddy issues. Yes Chef is powerful, makes a statement and is a one way ticket to flavortown. (Source @jeanieofficial)

yes chef yes daddy meme
yes chef yes daddy meme

Yes Chef Meme Humor

We can’t forget our favorite South Park chef in this series of yes chef memes! Jerome “Chef” McElroy plays the recurring character as the South Park elementary cafeteria chef.

south park yes chef meme
south park yes chef meme

Let me hear you say yes chef.

let me hear you say yes chef meme
let me hear you say yes chef meme

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