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HP 3052A Printer Review

We were recently sent a HP 3052a printer to review.  My first thoughts, ink jet? hrm.. See, for the last few years, I have loved my color laser printer.

HP 3052a Inkjet All-in-One Printer vs Color Laser Printer

The printer is quick and the colors are fabulous, but OMG when you need a new laser cartridge, be prepared to empty your savings to buy new ones! But alas, blogging and providing you reviews of technology is my job, so yes Hewlett Packard I will be happy to review your inkjet.

HP 3052A review
HP 3052A review

When reviewing the HP 3052a, here are a few things I appreciated.

Print From Your iPhone

The HP 3052a printer offers not only an inkjet printer, but a scanner and copier as well. The scanner works fabulous and the copier works great (I just realized I haven’t copied my hand yet! I must get on that!).

These are great features that minimizes space and increases usability of the product… but you know what rocks about this Hewlett Packard printer? It’s wireless and you can print from your iPhone, iPad, Android as well!

My color laser printer is NOT wifi enable which after moving to the HP 3052a, this is a deal breaker. That said, I am now using this printer full time.

HP XL Ink Cartridges

Be sure to check out HP’s new XL ink.  You can save up to 40% on printing with HP XL ink cartridges, compared with single standard HP ink cartridges and based on average retail pricing, actual prices may vary. These ink cartridges fit the standard HP printer, they just contain more ink! VERY COOL and NO where near as expensive as my color inkjet cartridges!

Video Review Hewlett Packard 3052

I did a short video to give you an overview of what the HP 3052a printer does, as well as a demo of how the printer prints from the iPhone. 

HP printer and XL ink can be found at

Digital Mom Blog received the HP 3052 a printer and XL ink for review as part of a promotional program with MomSelect,

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