T-Mobile Tuesday App: TMO Customers Download This!

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If you are a T-mo customer, make sure you download the T-Mobile Tuesday app, here’s why!

T-Mobile customers, this is why you will want to download this app and make sure to have notifications on every Tuesday.

Are you a T-Mobile customer? Do you know about T-Mobile Tuesdays and the T-Mobile Tuesdays app? If not, keep reading. If you do, keep reading as I have some news that you will want to hear – hint hint, it involves freebies! 

Here’s the deal people. I am a proud T-Mobile customer. I’ll go into my why I love T-Mobile so darn much spill later in this post, but first I wanted to tell all T-Mobile customers that they MUST download the T-Mobile Tuesdays app. Here is what it is and why you need to download it! 

phone with t-mobile tuesdays app

My teen daughter loves this app and I cannot tell you how many times she used the Dunkin Donuts discount for her coffee.

T-Mobile Tuesdays App Review

EVERY Tuesdays, T-Mobile thanks their customers with free stuff and a chance to win epic prizes.

To get in on this, T-Mobile customers just need to download T-Mobile Tuesdays app. On Tuesdays, check the T-Mobile Tuesdays app and see what your gift is. 

T-Mobile Tuesdays App

T-Mobile Customer Discounts

That’s right – EVERY Tuesday, T-Mobile customers #GetThanked by the Un-carrier with gifts from their favorite brands like StubHub, Baskin-Robbins, Shell, Lyft, and Redbox! Pretty nifty, right? It gets better.

What are you waiting for? Download the app and learn more here.

Free Gifts

Here’s a little bid of insider information in regards to the over 40 million free gifts given away to T-Mobile customers this year: 

Thankiversary Stats - T-Mobile Tuesdays App

Binged over 24.5 million hours or nearly 3,000 YEARS of movies

Slurped down more than 1 million free Frostys from Wendy’s—enough to fill 350 family size hot tubs

Eaten more than 2 million free pizzas—enough to stretch from Mt. Rushmore to Yellowstone National Park

Taken enough free Lyft rides to make nearly 4,300 coast to coast trips across the US

Pumped millions of gallons of free gas from the Fuel Rewards® Program and Shell —enough to drive to Mars and back

Saving Money on Family Cell Phone Plan

As I mentioned, our family made the switch to T-Mobile. We’ve been extremely happy with our new service and massive savings for the last several months – so much so, we’ve become THOSE people who can’t shut up about it.

photo of iphone saving money on family cell phone plan t-mobile

T-Mobile Family Plan

Seriously guys, our cell phone bill was averaging $340 a month for 4 lines. We moved to T-Mobile and our bill is now around $180.

Our T-mobile family cell phone plan bill of $180 a month includes all taxes and fees include with unlimited data. We have had excellent service wherever we have gone with no lapses or issues. 

Last summer, when we road tripped from Texas to Portland to San Francisco and back – our cell phone bill was ridiculous. I mean seriously CRAZY – over $500 crazy.

We kept getting overage notifications, it was just stupid. Happy to know that this year’s road trip and vacation adventures won’t include a hefty cell phone bill! It’s great being able to actual budget and KNOW what my bill will be. 

Side note: I was a customer before working with T-Mobile. I can honestly say without hesitation, our experience has been awesome. 

All that said, if you are wanting to save some money on your cell phone plan – definitely checkout T-Mobile’s options. We went to a T-Mobile store and received amazing customer service.

Don’t forget to download the T-Mobile Tuesdays App!

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