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A Really Good Gaming Headset

Are you in the market for a really good gaming headset? Our friends at iClever recently sent over their new iClever Gaming Headset – Model IC-HS20 for us to review. Here’s the scoop!

iClever Gaming Headset Review

Our 12-year-old son is a gamer (like most boys his age, right?!)  He is still on the Minecraft bandwagon. OMG that game is making bazillions. Anyways, any day (but Sunday, see screen free Sundays) you can find him upstairs in our play room immersed into Minecraft. He’s tested the iClever gaming headset the last 2 weeks, and he gives them 2 thumbs up.

iclever gaming headset reviewAffordable Price

First and foremost, this gaming headset is reasonably priced at around $30. So before thinking you have to spend big money – for around $30, you can get a solid headset that is well built and service your gaming needs. The iClever gaming headset is available at Amazon

Great Sound

The headphones are amazing at outside noise reduction. This isn’t great for a mom who is yelling upstairs at her kid to come downstairs, but all that said the quality if on point.

The iClever gaming headset features immersive 7.1 surround sound. Featuring USB 7.1 surround virtual sound and 50mm magnetic bass speakers, HS20 PC Gaming Headset allows gamers to experience an immersive 360-degree sound field that lets they hear what they can’t see. 

Nice and Comfy to Wear

I don’t know about you, but I am so over wearing headphones that squeeze your brain. These are built for comfort. The stereo headset features a skin friendly leather memory earmuffs, 30 degree adjustable padded headband, auto-Fit Headband. The iClever HS20 over the ear headset is personalized for all gamers, and skin-friendly leather earmuffs with inert sponge enables long-time comfortable wear with outstanding noise isolation simultaneously. These will fit all the heads in our house!

LED Light and Stand

This gaming headset has LED lights on the side of each earmuff and comes with a stand so your headset doesn’t have to just lay on your desk. 


The gaming headset is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/Win7/win8/Win10 and Mac OS9/Os x or higher system.

iclever gaming headset review

iClever Headset Surround Sound Drive

I wasn’t able to get this loaded on the Mac, but we have it setup on my son’s gaming PC. If you purchase, install the iClever gaming headset surround sound drive.

Available at Amazon

You can purchase at Amazon. If you are looking for a really good gaming headset with an affordable price, good quality and build – check out the iClever IC-HS20 Gaming Headset.

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