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Phone Booths Converted to Free WIFI Hot Spots in NYC

Planning on visiting NYC anytime soon? While buying a cup of coffee or taking a taxi may cost you an arm and a leg, good news! New York City is offering free WIFI at old phone booth locations!

phone booth free wifi hotspots in nyc

Phone Booths as WIFI Hot Spots

Talk about upcycling! Out with the old, phone booths – in with the new – WIFI hotspots! That’s right, the city of New York is converting old phone booths that no one uses, because hello 2012 – into hot spots. Because everyone needs a hot spot, right? 

The Wi-Fi signal will work with laptops, smartphones and tablet devices and will extend 100 feet to 200 feet from each pay phone. The city said there would be no limits on usage or bandwidth and there will be no charge to connect to the signal! FREE WIFI, folks!

Don’t worry! I am totally sure that the city of New York will find a way to monetize this once they see how popular this will be.

Free WIFI Locations in NYC

Here are the initial 10 Free WiFI Locations in NYC from converted phone booths.






Phone Booths in New York City

Don’t worry, New York City is not expiring pay phones and phone booths — yet! There are currently 12,360 pay phones in New York City.

Now only if I was going to BlogHer… sigh… Our baby boy turns 1 smack in the middle of the event and this mom just has to be there for his first birthday.

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