Denver, CO – You Are Quite Lovely.

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Denver, Colorado: You are quite lovely.

I recently wrote travel tips for working moms. Today, I bring you a little bit of my work trip to Denver, Colorado. While I have been to Colorado before to ski, never just to visit Denver.

Denver, CO

Rocky Mountains

Here are a few of my thoughts about Denver, CO and staying on the edge of the Rocky Mountains.

beautiful colorado

Denver 37 stories up – what a view of the Rocky Mountains. The air is clean, leaving you gasping for oxygen though due to the elevation.

I See What You Mean

Big Blue Bear in Denver, CO - Denver Convention Center

Who knew Denver was so artsy fartsy? Not me. I LOVE this place.  Thursday, me – myself and I went on a short walk around the Denver Convention Center.  When riding from the airport, the taxi drove right past this – and I KNEW I had to see this thing up close and personal.

At the Denver Convention Center there is a 40 foot blue fiberglass bear that peeks into the windows.  This art piece is called “I See What You Mean” by artist Lawrence Argent.

Big Blue Bear in Denver, CO - Denver Convention Center

Keys to the City

Your Keys to the City is a art program in downtown Denver that includes 10 restore pianos painted by local artists that are scattered thru-out the downtown for the public to play at their leisure.

Your Keys to the City - Denver, CO Piano project

Earth Friendly

Denver is very green. There are recycle bins prominently placed in buildings, and even in my hotel room.  There are bike rental stations conviently placed in various areas of downtown. The outdoor 16th street mall offers a free bus, ran on alternative fuel.

bike rentals in downtown Denver, CO

Next Time

Your 50 degree September mornings, nice crisp breezes and gorgeous surroundings make me happy. Next time I’ll bring my family and spend more time exploring the arts and experiencing your natural beauty.

My only complaint is the $54 cab fare each way from the airport and the fact that like Dallas, Denver’s airport is on the outskirts of the city.. Other than that, Denver – I think I like you.