So you are looking for Draw Something cheats, tips and tricks? We’ve got them!

So this Draw Something App, uhm – its definitely addicting. While I would love to say that I create AMAZING drawings – chances are you would think my daughter stole my iPad to play.

draw something cheats tips and tricks

Playing Draw Something for the last few weeks, I’ve learned a few tips and tricks I thought I would share.

6 Draw Something Cheats, Tips, and Tricks

1. Draw Something Cheats

Okay, this game is the easiest to cheat on since both you and the person you are playing get coins. I admit, I laughed my butt off when I started playing and could easily just write out the word. Draw Something cheaters are missing the point! Once you start playing, you really get engaged with the game and cheating just makes it pointless and stupid. The only good reason for a Draw Something cheat is the free points – coins. You can use those to buy stuff.  Just make sure your competitor is down with it.

2. Get More Words

If you want more words, upgrade from the free version. The full version of the Draw Something app will set you back a whopping 99 cents.  Click here to download.

3. Buy a Stylus

I recently bought a stylus for Draw Something. This totally upped my game, it was like I was using a paint brush rather than finger painting. But that being said, I paint like a kindergartener.

This is my personal choice for best stylus for the iPad.

4. Colors Make Drawings Better

Try using various colors to create your drawings. But before you go off buying the whole palette – see below.

5. Watch Out for In-App Purchases

I admit, last night I broke down and spent $9.99 on Draw Something in app purchases because I like colors and needed more bombs. What’s a girl to do. Just watch out, it’s easy to spend money – no wonder OMGPOP is making a KILLING!

6. Practice Does Make Better

While I’m not saying you’ll be an awesome artist, I will say that the more you play the better you get. See how other people draw items and learn from them.

What Draw Something tips have you found that have made you better at this game?

{This is a Part of the Digital Mom Blog Series: Draw Something}

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