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DIY French Tip Manicure

DIY French Tip Manicure? It’s TOTALLY doable with this simple Pinterest hack. I love a good Pinterest hack and I love a good french tip manicure!

DIY French Tip Manicure Hack

DIY french manicure

Have you ever done a french tip manicure at home? Now you can, with this DIY French Tip manicure hack!

Easy French Tips at Home

Simply place a rubber band around the base of your nail as shown above.

Paint the top portion of your nail white – or any color that you want. White nail polish is typically the color used for french tips.

After your nail polish has dried, coat your entire nail with a coat of clear nail polish.

How easy is this manicure? SUPER! Use a rubber band to help create a line on the upper portion of your nail. The rubber band acts as your guide and helps you create a straight line. 

When I Do My Nails Meme

Have you ever tried to do a french tip manicure by yourself? I have. This WHEN I DO MY NAILS meme – nails it. (I know, so punny.) But for real. Every single time I attempt to paint my nails – this is the outcome. 

do my nails cartoon

French Manicure at Home

Thanks to this Pinterester – she uses a rubber band across the nail tip to help achieve a straight line when doing a self DIY french manicure.  Just wrap the rubber band around your nail and paint. Hopefully this will help when doing a french manicure at home!

French manicures are by far my favorite when getting my nails done. Experiment with a few different nail colors when doing the french tip – or the lower part of your nail. Change it up – who knows you might like it!

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