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100+ Funny School Memes for Sharing

From the first day to the last – we are sharing funny School memes for teachers, students and parents.

School days, dear old golden rule days. Readin’ and ‘ritin’ and ‘rithmetic. Taught to the tune of the hickory stick. My how things have changed.

Funny School Memes

From preschool to graduation, and don’t think we forgot the teachers (we didn’t!) Education is a lifetime experience and where we build so many core memories and connections in life.

For instance, who in the 90’s experienced the epic square pizza slices in school lunches?

core memory square pizza slices from the 90's school lunches
school pizza meme

Walking into the wrong classroom and seeing everyone’s eye balls on you – I mean, this is totally a rite of passage.

pov when you enter the wrong classroom
school classroom meme

When you are taking notes and trying to hurry before the teacher turns the slide. Also, the irony of the misspelling of righting is noted for this funny school meme.

when you are writing down the notes and teacher is about to change the slide meme
taking notes meme

We are sharing the funny school memes that are totally relatable.

funny graduation memes

Graduation Memes for the Class of 2022

Funny Graduation Memes for Class of 2022 – congratulations graduate! Now it’s time to end your senior year with some hilarious memes about graduating.

Teacher Memes

We couldn’t share school memes be without funny teacher memes! Let’s be honest. Without teachers, our future is nada.

These are the people who are teaching our kids the core lessons that they need to be good people.

we love our teachers memes
teacher memes

Make sure to support your teachers this November at the ballot! Public education is critical to our society. Vote for the politicians who support teachers and public ed. (See our election memes!)

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