Enneagram 9 – The Peacemaker, Mediator

Enneagram type 9s are also known as the peacemaker or mediator. This personality type is easy-going and laid-back. 

Enneagram Type 9

Learn about the Enneagram 9 types who are known for being pleasant, diplomatic and accommodating.

Enneagram 9 type

Let’s look at this type, who they are, their characteristics, wings, stresses and more. 

Need of an Enneagram 9

Type 9 Enneagrams have a need to avoid.

Enneagram 9 Characteristics

Type 9s are motivated by a need to keep peace, merge with others and avoid conflict. Nines are afraid of separation and loss. They attempt to prevent this by remaining peaceful and avoiding conflict with others. Enneagram 9s are accepting, trusting and stable.

Typically, Enneagram Type 9s are creative and optimistic and willing to go along with others to keep the peace.

Character of God

Here is the character of God for an Enneagram 9: The Peace of God.

How We Distort That Characteristic

Enneagram Type 9s distort this characteristic by avoiding conflict.

Type 9 fall into the gut triad, motivated and fueled by anger.

Gut Triad

Harmonic Approach – Positive Outlook

Enneagram 9 fall into the Positive Outlook Approach in regards to Harmonic Approach. Nines are generally optimistic and tend to avoid negative thoughts or situations.

  • Nines can get into conflicts by being too complacent, inattentive, and stubborn.
  • Nines tend to focus on their positive and harmonious relationships with their environment.
  • Nines have a difficult time dealing with conflict or change because it disrupts their peace and stability.
  • Nines, therefore, try to deny or avoid these problems by strengthening their attachment to the status quo. These problems will take care of themselves, so why bother dealing with them.
  • Nines focus on the needs of others, often accommodating to others.
  • Nines try to balance the needs of others with their own needs of autonomy.

source: fitzel.ca

Wings of Enneagram 9

Enneagram 9 wings are 9w8 or 9w1 . No one is a pure personality type: everyone is a unique mixture of his or her basic type and usually one of the two types adjacent to it on the circumference of the Enneagram. One of the two types adjacent to your basic type is called your wing.

Enneagram wings for type 9s are: 9w1 and 9w8

enneagram 9 wings
Enneagram 9 Wings

Enneagram 9w1

Known as The Advisor, Enneagram 9w1 – have a strong sense of the difference between right and wrong. They are more critical, orderly, introverted and passive-aggressive than other Nines. Nines with a 1 wing are principled and modest as leaders, and people want to follow them because of their integrity and steadfastness.

Traits of a 9w1

  • 9w1s will hold grudges if something bad is said to them.

Enneagram 9w8

Known as The Advisor, Enneagram 9w8 – Nines with a 8 wing are one of the most complex combinations on the Enneagram. Eights need to go against power and the Nine’s need to avoid conflict. 9w8 find it much easier to be clear and direct about things that are important to them. This 9 type is more confrontational than other Nines.

Traits of a 9w8

Fear of being separated from the world, so do what they can to avoid and prevent conflict. With the 8 wing, they tend to be assertive – which can cause an internal struggle.

9w8 will forget and not really care, but if you do something really bad a Enneagram 9w8 will can turn destructive and vengeful. 

They seek balance and peace in life. 

Will use routine to ignore their problems. 

Are social and adaptable. 

When Talking to an Enneagram 9w8, listen and engage in the conversation. Allow them to share and be open. Be clear and create a personal connection. Don’t be overly negative or critical. 

9w1 vs 9w8

So let’s look at the differences between an Enneagram type 9w1 vs 9w8.

The Enneagram 9w1 is more likely to be someone who is more combative holding grudges, where as someone with a 8 wing (9w8) are more of a peacekeeper seeking balance.

Learn about Wings

Enneagram 9 in Stress and Security

Here are what Enneagram 9 in stress and security types that type 9s go to when in stress or (security) success. 

Enneagram 9
Enneagram Type 9 Peacemaker

Type 9 in STRESS Becomes Enneagram Type 6

When Enneagram 9 in stress, they become Enneagram type 6. Become overcommitted, worries rigid, wary of others and anxious – even though they don’t know why.

Type 9 in SECURITY Becomes Enneagram Type 3

When Enneagram 9 is feeling success or secure (security) – this personality type tends to take on attributes of an Enneagram Type 3.Take command of their lives, become more goal-oriented, decisive, self-confident and in touch with their life’s agenda.

Learn about Stress and Security

Sin and Counter Virtue

The deadly sin and counter virtue that Enneagram 9 need to watch for are:

Nines are spiritually lazy people who merge with the priorities and values and preferences of others to avoid conflict and maintain inner peace.

Nines can assert themselves and self-actualize through consciously pursuing their life’s agenda, even if it arouses conflict and their fear of disconnection.

Learn about Sin and Counter Virtue

Enneagram Type 9 Relationships

Whether it is a friendship or love relationship, here are things to know about Enneagram type 9 relationships:

  • Enneagram Nines often give up their own agenda in favor of others.
  • Nines like to stay peaceful. Listen to them. 
  • Avoid coming on too strong or getting impatient with a 9.
  • Nines need help creating structure. 
  • Give them personal attention and remember that fairness is a crucial issue for them. 

Enneagram 9 in Love

The top compatibility types for Enneagram 9 in love are type 2, type 3, type 6, and type 7. 

love matches enneagram
Enneagram Type 9 Love

*Where there is a will, there is a way! Don’t take this as an absolute if your types don’t match. 

Best Enneagram Type 9 Careers

Typically peaceful and agreeable- here are careers that a typical Enneagram 9 would be successful in: 

  • Human Resources
  • Caretaker
  • Counselor
  • Social Worker
  • Doctor

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