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Enneagram Guide

Have you heard about the Enneagram but have no idea what people are talking about? This is for you! In early 2019, we shared about the Enneagram test and some memes and images. I continually am seeing more and more people want to know more about this personality test and deeper meaning into what each type is about. 

Understanding the Enneagram

To help better explain the Enneagram, I created this Enneagram Guide as a resource for all things Enneagram so that you too can answer the question, what is the Enneagram? My husband and I lead a life group and last year we went thru the Enneagram and used The Road Back to You as a study. I spent hours creating curriculum to help the group best understand who they are, what their type was, how each Enneagram type works with others, what an Enneagram wing is and more.

what is enneagram - guide to the enneagram personality test

Rather than letting these sit in Google docs, I thought the best use would be to share these here! Hopefully this Enneagram information is helpful resource as you learn more about how YOU see the world. 

What is the Enneagram

The Enneagram is a personality assessment that differs from other personality tests that you may have taken in the past. Where other tests tell you how the world sees you, the Enneagram tell you how YOU see the world. 

After taking the test, you will learn your Enneagram Type. This will be a number between 1 and 9. You may also carry the characteristics of another number, therefore that number will serve as a wing. If this sounds confusing, don’t worry – we have resources to explain it all!

enneagram test vs meyers briggs personality test

The Enneagram is great tool for developing empathy and compassion. Learning about what your Enneagram type is will help you understand who you are. Researching other types enables you to better communicate, understand and empathize with others. Start with the Enneagram test to learn more about analyzing and determining your type. Then jump into the Enneagram types. Learn about who you are and then learn about the other types. Remember, determining your number is more based on who YOU think you are, rather than an official test. (If you feel like you NEED a test, we provide a link below.)


Learn more about each type. The best way to find out what your Enneagram type is to read thru each, study what the traits are and determine which you best fit as. Make sure to read up on wings, most likely you have one!

Guide to Enneagram Type1
Guide to Enneagram Type2
Guide to Enneagram Type3
Guide to Enneagram Type4
Guide to Enneagram Type5
Guide to Enneagram Type6
Guide to Enneagram Type7
Guide to Enneagram Type8
Guide to Enneagram Type 9