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Best William Shatner Memes and Tweets in Celebration of the Blue Origin

To celebrate Bezo’s Blue Origin, we bring you the best William Shatner memes and tweets. In case you are confused on what Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and William Shatner of Star Trek fame are even in the same sentence, let me explain.

If space is our final frontier, leave it to the billionaires to try to figure it out. Elon Musk has SpaceX, Sir Richard Branson has Virgin Galactic and Jeff Bezos owns Blue Origin. All have similar and different purposes, but each involve a race to space.

Funny William Shatner Memes

Today, October 13, 2021 – William Shatner, best known as Star Trek Captain Kirk – boarded a Blue Origin rocket and was blasted approximately 62 miles above Earth, at a velocity speed of up to 2,100 miles per hour. This has the internet on fire with Shatner fun.

captain kirk meme william shatner
blue origin william shatner meme – captain kirk beam me up

If you’ve been around these parts – you know we love funny memes. So, no surprise here – we are jumping in with funny William Shatner Memes (and tweets – keep reading) honoring this funny guy and the momentous occasion of space flight.

William Shatner is 90 years old. Yes, you read that right. The previous record was held by 82-year-old pioneering female aviator Wally Funk. This makes Mr. Shatner the oldest man in space.

Wally flew with Jeff Bezos in the inaugural Blue Origin space flight back in July 2021.

In today’s space flight – Shatner, traveling with 3 others Blue Origin crew members.

infinity and beyond william shatner meme blue origin
william shatner meme – to infinity and beyond

The team spent a few minutes of zero gravity before falling back to Earth in a capsule. The entire flight lasted from Van Horn, TX to space was around 11 minutes.

star trek william shatner meme blue origin
blue origin meme

This Rocketman William Shatner meme is hilarious, especially if you’ve seen him singing the song.

william shatner rocketman meme
william shatner meme – rocketman

Best Tweets About William Shatner and Blue Origin Flight

Here are the funniest tweets about William Shatner’s Blue Origin flight.

I’m highly disappointed that when the Blue Origin rocket capsule landed, that Jeff Bezos didn’t follow thru on this suggestion. William Shatner should have been welcomed back with everyone dressed up as an ape from planet of the apes.

Yes, he is 90 and apparently Bezos is a big Star Trek fan. So will all the billionaires be sending their favorite space actors to space? Who is next? Patrick Stewart? Harrison Ford? Mark Hamill?

When you pull out the Star Trek toys to honor William Shatner in space.

While not funny, but profound – this tweet by Shatner himself explains his experience on the Blue Origin flight.

william shatner meme talking

Also, anyone else obsessed with the interesting, way, that William, Shatner speaks?

Not everyone is as excited about billionaires in space, as well – billionaires in space. This is pretty prolific.

If we wanted to boldly send billionaires where no billionaires have been before, we could have just sent them to the tax office.

More William Shatner Meme Fun

Okay, so what a day for Captain Kirk! I’ll leave you with this last William Shatner meme. As you may know, Shatner is the spokesperson for Priceline, acting as “The Negotiator”.

william shatner meme priceline blue origin space flight
William Shatner Meme – priceline Blue Origin flight

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