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7 Fun Toddler Christmas Crafts to Make with Tots

Looking for toddler Christmas crafts? We have them! Make handmade gifts and crafts for decor with your tots this holiday season. We’ve rounded up the best Christmas Crafts for Toddlers to make this holiday season.

Christmas Crafts for Toddlers

Christmas is right around the corner. What better way to engage your toddler than with a Christmas toddler crafts! One of our favorite uses for crafts that the toddlers make is for Christmas gifts.

christmas crafts for toddlers

Keep your kid busy, be festive and make a present for grandparents while crafting! Sounds like a win-win situation to me! Let’s get toddler crafting!

Felt Wall Christmas Tree & Snow Man

First on the list of Christmas crafts for toddlers is a personal favorite. We purchased our last home and it had this gigantic hallway wall that was the perfect space for making a wall Christmas tree made out of felt.

toddler christmas crafts felt tree

If you are feeling like a little DIY, make this felt wall Christmas tree and snow man (don’t forget to make presents, ornaments and SNOW too!) This felt Christmas tree just may feel this itch.

We made this felt wall Christmas tree and our toddler boys went crazy. They absolutely loved it and best part, it served as an awesome holiday decor for a large blank wall we had in our entry.

View the Felt Wall Christmas Tree and Snowman

Marshmallow Snowman

Looking for an easy toddler Christmas craft to do during snack time? Then this marshmallow snowman is just the thing to do.

christmas craft for toddlers marshmallow snowman

Using construction paper, draw a snowman. Have your toddler use marshmallows to outline the snowman in marshmallows! Use orange construction paper to make the snowman’s orange carrot-like nose. Ta-Da!

This is super easy and if your toddler is hungry, just let them eat the marshmallows (minus the glue!) This is a toddler Christmas craft that you can do at snack time.

Handprint Christmas Tree

One of my favorite Christmas crafts for toddlers is this handprint Christmas tree. It’s one of those things that you look at year’s later and cry “THEY WERE SO LITTLE.” It’s amazing how all of those bad toddler years seem to fade away.

toddler christmas craft handprint tree

Anyways, here is an easy toddler Christmas craft that requires just a few things, paint – your toddler and paper. Easy toddler crafts are my favorite. Using your child’s handprints and green paint – make a Christmas tree.

View full craft at:

Candy Cane and Wreath Craft

These adorable Christmas ornaments make a fun toddler Christmas craft and are actually super cute as well!

candy cane toddle christmas craft

Skip to My Lou shows us how to make this darling candy cane and wreath pom-pom craft.

Santa Hat

Have your tot make a santa hat craft with this tutorial from Lifes Moments etc. This cute Christmas craft for toddlers will look adorable on your fridge.


Christmas Tree Button Craft for Toddlers

Next on our list of Toddler Christmas Crafts is a super easy but fun activity for your tot.

button tree christmas crafts for toddlers

Just print out this simple Christmas tree shape. (Click on the image to open in it’s own browser window. Next, just click print.) I found a better looking tree for your Toddler Christmas craft!

Toddler Christmas Crafts  Christmas Tree Button

Next, gather several buttons and a glue stick. Have your toddler decorate the Christmas tree! Easy, but make sure no button (or glue sticks) go in the mouth!

Paper Plate Christmas Tree Toddler Craft

I love this sweet and simple paper plate craft, perfect for toddlers. via Simple Living Mama

Paper Plate Christmas Tree Toddler Craft

DIY Snow Globe

This Christmas craft for toddlers is probably my favorite. Check out this DIY snow globe. How cute is THIS! I’ve actually made this before but put a gift card hot glued to the top of the mason jar.

diy snow globe christmas toddler craft

Parents of tots, don’t miss out on our hilariously funny toddler memes. These are relatable for any toddler parent!

Christmas Paper Chain

So simple, but a classic Christmas toddler craft is the paper chain.

Christmas Paper Chain toddler craft

Use it to count down the days until Christmas. via Mama Smiles

Christmas Reindeer Footprint Pillows

I love this Christmas craft for toddlers. Make reindeer pillows using foot and handprints.

Christmas Reindeer Footprint Pillows

Grandma will love these as a Christmas gift! via the Party Animal Blog

Share the Toddler Christmas Crafts

There you have it! A list of Toddler Christmas Crafts to help decorate your home, make gifts and keepsakes and keep your toddler busy. Sounds like a major win to me!

If you have friends who have toddlers – share these fun Toddler Christmas Crafts with them so more people can enjoy creating!

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