The Lincoln Motor Company is Changing the Way You Purchase a Luxury Vehicle

The Lincoln Motor Company is Changing the Way You Purchase a Luxury Vehicle

Lincoln Experience Center
Changing the way you purchase a luxury vehicle.

Purchasing a Lincoln Luxury Vehicle


Lincoln Motor CompanyCould the days of being lured into a car dealership with high pressure sales be a thing of the past? We don’t know about you, but purchasing a car can feel painful. The stress, the options and the pressure to make a decision for a purchase is real. If you are in the market for a vehicle – and that vehicle is a Lincoln, your opinion of purchasing a vehicle just may very well change. Here’s why. 

Lincoln Experience Center

The Lincoln Motor Company has opened 2 Lincoln Experience Centers here in the United States (with a few more to come!) These centers were created to change how you purchase a luxury vehicle. Gone are the tedious days of going to the dealership to scour thru the parking lot to find the vehicle that fits your needs. If you are purchasing, the majority of the purchasing process can be done at an experience center.

Lincoln Experience Center Frisco TXWe were invited to tour the Frisco, TX Lincoln Experience Center this past week. Situated in right next to the Frisco Dallas Cowboys training facility, the center is in prime location to retail traffic. Gone are the days of trekking to find a dealership off of a highway to be pressured into buying a car. This is not the experience The Lincoln Motor Company wants you to have when buying one of their vehicles. 

Buying a Lincoln

The Lincoln Experience Center is very zen and tranquil. It does NOT have the feel of a car dealership. With a water wall, bar with touch screens (and free Nespresso coffee), video wall displays and a few vehicles, the vibe is modern and refreshing. You cannot purchase a vehicle at an Experience Center – so there is no pressure to buy. Even if you are just curious about the vehicles Lincoln offers, the doors are open for you to look without obligation. 

Lincoln Experience Center Free CoffeeThere is a REVEL audio room. REVEL audio is what is used in each of the Lincoln vehicles. You can experience what the speakers and sound will be – perfect for the audiophile. 

Another room is a consultation room. If you do decided you want to purchase, there is a room dedicated to connecting you with a dealership. Again, no pressure to purchase at the center, as the purchase must be done at a dealership. That said, you can do the majority of your decision making at the center – making it an easy transaction when you do go to purchase. 

Lincoln Experience Center Try Before You BuyUpstairs in the Experience Center, The Lincoln Motor Company has every vehicle in their fleet available to view. You are in air conditioning, not out in a parking lot. It is an upscale experience for buying your vehicle. 

We are anxious to see if other automobile brands take on this type of concierge service for their potential customers. A pleasant, welcoming environment – with no pressure to buy? We’d say that is a win in regards to shopping for a vehicle. 

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2017 Chevrolet Suburban Review – This Is Not the Suburban I Knew Growing Up!

2017 Chevrolet Suburban Review – This Is Not the Suburban I Knew Growing Up!

This past week a brand new shiny 2017 Chevrolet Suburban landed in my driveway. The good peep at Chevrolet asked if my family and I would be interested in taking the Chevrolet Suburban out and going to see the new LEGO Batman movie. Yes and yes. 

If you’ve followed the blog for any length of time – you know that we have 4 kids. 4 kids is 2 more kids than fit in a normal vehicle. As soon as we hit 3 kids, we had to upgrade our vehicle to a SUV with a third row. We road trip often and put a good number of miles on vehicles. (We live in the country, while we do have a Starbucks close (praise Jesus) – everything else does take 5-10 miles to get to. A lot of time in a SUV, car or what have you and 4 kids – let’s just say you want to make sure you have plenty of room and that you and the kids are both comfortable.

Learning to Drive in a Suburban

The 2017 Suburban arrived and honestly blew all my expectations out of the water. A little back story. Growing up, my learn to drive car was a 1980 something Suburban. Her name was Bertha, she was a bright blue. I learned to drive in a Suburban. Everyone could see me coming. I could hit pot holes and any speed bump without having to worry about the suspension. Bertha could withstand dings and all the what-have-yous that come with learning to drive.

I had a disco ball on my rearview mirror that casted fun light reflections through-out the vehicle. The leather was worn, the ceiling kind of sagged. This was back in the mid-90’s so I am sure is smelled on CK One and surely Nirvana blared thru her speakers. All that said, Bertha was NOT a fancy vehicle by any means. I hadn’t driven a Suburban since Bertha, so you say the word Suburban, I immediately flash back to Bertha. What arrived in my driveway was NOT Bertha. This is NOT the Suburban I grew up knowing – and that’s a GOOD thing!

2017 Chevrolet Suburban Review

Review 2017 Chevrolet Suburban

This 2017 Chevrolet Suburban review is going to be from different points of view. I review several vehicles a year, but this vehicle really made an impression on my kids so I wanted to make sure that their comments and opinions were included. Because us moms know, at the end of the day – the kids better like the vehicle (but if only they could PAY for the vehicle.)

SUV Review

The model I reviewed was the 2017 Suburban 4WD 1/2 Ton Premier in iridescent pearl tricoat with a cocoa/mahogany interior.

What You Need To Know About the 2017 Chevrolet Suburban

Keep reading for my personal review:  

What A Mom Will LOVE About The Suburban

A Vehicle That Fits 4 Kids

All 4 of my kids piled into the Suburban with no fuss. There was plenty of room for both the kids and all of their stuff. 

Suburban Technology

The connectivity features on the Chevrolet Suburban are top notch. The vehicle comes with On-Star that features automatic crash response, navigation and more.


With 4G LTE WI-FI Hotspot – the kids will never get bored! My husband had to finish up some work on the way to the LEGO Batman movie, so brought his laptop – connected to the Suburban’s hotspot and worked without issue. We had 2 iPads connected and 2 iPhones as well – and ZERO complaints. (We have our kids data turned off so they have to connect to WIFI for using the internet.) 

Control Panel

2017 Chevrolet Suburban Review

The display is 8″ – so everything is front and center. It feels more like a control panel than your standard radio! 

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Another bonus – the Suburban comes with both Apple CarPlay AND Android Auto. I’ll be reviewing both of those in an upcoming post, because those deserve their own review.  But long story short – whether you are Apple or Android, the Chevy Suburban has you covered. 

BONUS!  All new 2017 Chevy Suburbans offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility for compatible phones as a standard feature.

Rear-Seat Entertainment System with Blu-ray

The particular vehicle we were loaned, had not one but TWO screens connected to the rear-seat entertainment system.  On our way to see LEGO Batman, we watched (and cried) UP. Again, major road trip perk. 

  • A screen in both second and third rows
  • HDMI connector to attach devices for projection on in-vehicle screens
  • Digital headphones
  • Two additional USB ports

USB Ports Galore

You and each of your passengers will have access to a USB. This family vehicle is loaded with them!  

How many USB ports are included?

The 2017 Chevy Suburban provides 11 charging locations, including a 110-volt power outlet, 5 USB ports and 5 auxiliary 12-volt power outlets. 

2017 Chevrolet Suburban Review

Heads Up Display

The heads up display (often referred to as HUD) offers you a view of how fast you are going in the windshield. It’s crazy. You don’t have to look down – your speed shows as if it’s a hologram in the front window. I had my husband take this photo while I was driving. It’s a really great feature, did take a day to get use to though! (Look between the lanes, that’s your speed displayed – appearing in the windshield.)

Collision Warning System

The Collision Warning System offers a red Collision Alert warning that will flash along with rapid, high-pitched beeping  when the driver is approaching a vehicle ahead too quickly and may be seconds away from a potential crash. The driver’s seat also vibrates 5 times. 

myChevrolet Mobile App

The myChevrolet mobile app lets your control certain functionalities from your smart phones. You can start and stop your engine and unlock and lock your doors. No more running back to your vehicle to lock the doors! You can  You can even send destinations to your available navigation system, view diagnostic information and set parking reminders from virtually anywhere. 

Luxury Ride

2017 Chevrolet Suburban Review

Again, from my days with my 1980 Chevrolet Suburban named Bertha – she was not luxury. The 2017 Chevrolet Suburban defined luxury. From the beautiful mahogany leather seats to the cocoa carpet, the immediate feel when I sat in the driver seat was luxury. Features such as the heated steering wheel to the cool and heated seats added to the overall luxurious ambiance. 

In addition to the gorgeous interior – the actual drive/ride was smooth. 

Room in the Rear for Luggage and Kids Stuff

2017 Chevrolet Suburban Review

While we didn’t take the Suburban on a road trip (we so need this Suburban for our next road trip!) – I always eye the back of vehicles to get an idea of how much room is there for luggage. Road trips are a staple for our family and the back of the Suburban featured plenty of room for storing luggage – as well as all the things that come with kids. Between Color Guard, soccer and what have you – this vehicle can haul all the things that come with kids (which us moms know, is A LOT.)

With the three rows in use, the suburban offers 39.3 cu. ft of cargo storage. Lay down the second and third row and there is 121.7 cu. ft. of maximum cargo space.

What Needs Improving

Rollover Risk 

The 3 star rating for rollovers is an average rating. I get why there is a high rollover risk with these large vehicles, but still wish it could be improved. 

The Track on the Captain Chairs

We had captain chairs before and this is one of those things only moms will understand. It is SO easy for kid crap to get stuck in these tracks. Surely there is some type of solution that can be created to keep the tracks clean. I can’t even with the things I found when cleaning them (pencils, lollipops, chicken nuggets, nope can’t even.) 

Parking – Side Cameras Needed

This is going to be an issue with any large vehicle. Take it the cameras do help immensely – but uhm, I need side cameras. I will say, I did get in extra steps as any time I parked, I parked a ways out to make sure we had plenty of room. Perhaps a 360 camera could help with this. 

Overall Review of the Suburban…

Overall the suburban – LOVED IT. I had an expectation and it was totally blown away. This family vehicle was classy. The ride was fabulous and the kids were totally occupied which is a MAJOR win. There was plenty of room for all the things and the tech is on point. 

If you are in the market for a large family vehicle – definitely check out the 2017 Chevrolet Suburban.

Learn more about the new Chevrolet Suburban at

2017 Chevrolet Suburban Cost – the starting MSRP for the 2017 Suburban is $49,915

Are Station Wagons Making a Comeback?

Are Station Wagons Making a Comeback?

Station Wagons, just typing those 2 words bring back a flood of memories. The lady who picked me up for elementary school carpool drove a station wagon. We would all crowd in the back – way too many of us, no one buckled- we would talk about grade school non-sense. While the unbuckled kids, thrown in the back of a wagon may not happen again – the Station Wagon is slowly making a comeback – just in different form. 

Station Wagon Comeback

image source: pinterest

In 2009, Ford released the Ford Flex. While it’s billed as a full-size crossover utility vehicle – it sure looks like an updated station wagon to me. This is the 2016 Ford Flex. It’s like a car version of their Ford Explorer, though it only seats 6 and doesn’t have the cargo room of the old station wagons. 

ford flex

SUVs the Station Wagon for the 2000’s

But on that line of thinking, we could say that SUVs are technically just part station wagon part truck, right?  I have noticed a trend of SUVs appearing lower than the old jacked-up SUVs. For example, let’s look at the 2017 Dodge Durango:

2017 dodge durango

Here is the 2000 Dodge Durango – notice a difference? In 2017, you don’t have to climb into the vehicle, where in 2000 – it definitely requires more effort!

2000 dodge durango

Will this trend of lower SUVs that resemble the lower car-like feature of a station wagon continue? Only time will tell!

The most popular SUVs are now the cross-over. If people demand more cargo room, the old station wagon look may just be on it’s way back into fashion. Don’t they say, what’s old is new again? 

Modern Station Wagons

Not all station wagons went away in the 90’s. The station dropped and many auto brands started referring to the vehicles as wagons.

Mercedes Benz Wagon

Here is an old school Mercedes station wagon from the early 1990’s:

mercedes benz wagon

And here is the 2016 Mercedes Benz e350 2016 e350 MercedesLearn more about the Mercedes Benz e350

Here are a few other wagon options, if you are in the market to purchase a wagon:

Subaru Outback

2017 subaru outback

My in-laws purchased a Subaru Outback and love it! 

Learn more about the 2017 Subaru Outback

Volvo v60 Wagon

volvo station wagon

Learn more about the 2017 v60 Volvo Wagon

Thoughts – are station wagons making a comeback? 

Texas Truck Rodeo Winners Announced! – And the Winners Are….

Texas Truck Rodeo Winners Announced! – And the Winners Are….

As a member of TAWA – Texas Auto Writers Association, I have exciting news to announce from this week’s Texas Truck Rodeo. This year was the 26th Annual Truck Rodeo. Held in Dripping Springs Texas, the Texas Truck Rodeo featured 71 different vehicles competing in 17 categories for top honors.

2017 Texas Truck Rodeo Winners

Texas Truck of the Year

The 2017 award categories and winning vehicles of the Texas Truck Rodeo were:

Truck of Texas: 2017 Ford Super Duty

SUV of Texas: 2017 Nissan Armada

CUV of Texas: 2017 Volvo XC90

Truck line of Texas: Ford Motor Co.

Heavy duty pickup truck: 2017 Ford Super Duty

Best commercial vehicle: 2017 Nissan Titan XD Single Cab

Luxury pickup truck: 2017 RAM 1500

Off-road pickup: 2017 RAM 2500 Power Wagon

Full-size pickup: 2017 Nissan Titan

Midsize pickup: 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro

Best technology: Honda In-bed audio system

Best connectivity: FCA Uconnect Access

Best powertrain: 2017 Ford F-150 with 3.5 EcoBoost V-6 engine

Off-road utility vehicle: 2017 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

Full-size luxury SUV: 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLS

Mid-size luxury SUV: 2017 Jaguar F-Pace

Full-size SUV: 2017 Nissan Armada

Mid-size SUV: 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Compact SUV: 2017 Jeep Cherokee

Full-size CUV: 2016 Mazda CX-9

Mid-size CUV: 2016 Nissan Murano

Compact CUV: 2016 Jeep Renegade

Luxury CUV: 2017 Volvo XC90

Truck of Texas – 2017 Ford Super Duty

Texas Truck of the Yearphoto credit: TAWA

This year’s Truck of Texas is the 2017 Ford Super Duty. Read more about the Super Duty:

The 2017 Super Duty® is the toughest and most capable Ford full-size pickup truck ever. All-new high-strength, military-grade, aluminum alloy slashed the weight of the body. Some of that weight savings was then reinvested where it counts the most in a work truck – in an all-new fully boxed frame built of over 95 percent high-strength steel, stronger axles, beefier steering and chassis components. The result is a pickup that’s stronger than ever before, yet up to 350 pounds lighter.


Congrats to all of the winners!

Texas Auto Writers AssociationThe Texas Auto Writers Association, Inc. was founded in 1985 by automotive journalists who wanted to provide an avenue of professional growth, development and networking. These professionals sought to create an automotive event that was unique to Texas, and the result was the TAWA Truck Rodeo. Since 1992, Truck Rodeos have been held in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Granbury and Spring Branch, and now Dripping Springs.

Is Car Ownership On It’s Way Out?

Is Car Ownership On It’s Way Out?

Is car ownership on it’s way out? Do we really all need to own cars? Experts seem to think that by 2025, private car ownership will die.

Did you know that the average car is parked 95% of the time?  Thinking to our family’s vehicles – we have three vehicles. My husband and myself work at home at least half of the week. Our driving is in the evenings, running kids to school, church and sports activities. Other than that, the majority of the mileage put on our vehicles are from the weekends or when we take road trips.
Is Car Ownership Dead
John Zimmer, co-founder of LYFT recently took to Medium to discuss what he calls The Third Transportation Revolution.

Most of us have grown up in cities built around the automobile, but imagine for a minute, what our world could look like if we found a way to take most of these cars off the road. It would be a world with less traffic and less pollution. A world where we need less parking?—?where streets can be narrowed and sidewalks widened. It’s a world where we can construct new housing and small businesses on parking lots across the country?—?or turn them into green spaces and parks. That’s a world built around people, not cars.

Private Car Ownership

Zimmer continues talking about autonomous vehicles and how they will account for the majority of Lyft rides in the next 5 years. He also states that by 2025, private car ownership will all-but end in major U.S. cities.

The car has actually become more like a $9,000 ball and chain that gets dragged through our daily life. Owning a car means monthly car payments, searching for parking, buying fuel, and dealing with repairs.

My sister-in-law lives in downtown Austin. She’s in her mid-20’s and her and her partner spent the last 3 years, just using either a car share or ride share programs to get to and from work and activities. They recently did purchase a vehicle for convenience, but was not a true necessity. Of course, location and lifestyle dictate the necessity for a vehicle.

Car Ownership for Families

Could my family life without a vehicle and it be economically feasible? Probably not.  We have 4 kids and we live in the country, outside of the suburbia. UBER doesn’t service our area, Lyft does – but expect at least a 20-minute wait.

Zimmer does make another point in his article that really stood out to me.

Transportation doesn’t just impact how we get from place to place. It shapes what those places look like, and the lives of the people who live there.

While I don’t plan on moving back to a populated area anytime soon, I would love to see how suburbia and cities would evolve with less vehicles on the road.

What do you think? Is car ownership on it’s way out? 

2016 Toyota RAV4 SE AWD SUV Review

2016 Toyota RAV4 SE AWD SUV Review

2016 Toyota RAV4 landed in my driveway earlier this summer, for me to test drive for a week so that I could let you know what I think.

I had no opinion of the RAV4 before it arrived, but that quickly changed once I got into the vehicle! This edition that I received was pimped out. The seats were decadent. The technology was top notch and the drive, it reminded me of driving a sports car. It handles that well – yet I was able to haul quite a bit in this crossover SUV. 

Check out our video review.

2016 Toyota RAV4 SE AWD SUV

Here are your need to knows about the 2016 Toyota RAV4 SE AWD SUV.

This particular vehicle retails at $27022.

Features 18″ machined alloy wheels, LED headlamps, power moonroof, roof rails, rear spoiler, privacy glass – rear side, qtr and lift gate.

Interior features include:

  • Dual zone climate control with air filter
  • Entuna Audio Plus, 6.1″ Touch-screen display
  • GPS Link App
  • SiriusXM
  • Backup camera
  • Leather-wrapped steering wheel w/audio and bluetooth controls,
  • Softex-trimmed 8-way power adjustable driver seat (these were awesome!)
  • Heated front seats
  • Reclining and fold-flat 2nd row seats

SUV Technology

  • Bird’s eye view camera with perimeter scan (simply amazing!)
  • Front and rear parking sonar
  • Toyota safety sense
  • Pre-collision system with pedestrian detection
  • Steering assist
  • Auto high beams
  • Dynamic radar cruise control
  • Entune premium JBL Audio with navigation and app suite

Overall Vehicle Score 

Government 5-Star Safety Ratings – 5 Stars

Front Crash
Driver – 4 Stars
Passenger – 4 Stars

Side Crash
Front Seat – 5 Stars
Back Seat – 5 Stars

Rollover – 4 Stars