The BEST Marriage Proposal Ever (placed on YouTube)

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best marriage proposal

I just witnessed the best marriage proposal EVER. It’s always a sweet thing when a marriage proposal happens . Okay, I confess – marriage proposals make me a teary eyed freak. I can watch them all day long – and cry ALL day long. I blame totally not realizing my husband was proposing to me 15 years ago the reason for this erratic behavior.

I digress.

Tonight my IRL and blog friend Lindsey at Blog for Girls posted this video.

Best Marriage Proposal Ever On YouTube

Using Bruno Mars’ song, Marry You – Isaac proposed to his future bride in the most elaborate wedding proposal ever. It’s not that this wedding proposal cost mega bucks, rather the effort into planning took more than choosing the ring, I’m sure.  Now Isaac, we are expecting this type of production for each of your other life events as well. Serious KUDOs for this fabulousness of a video!

When I first saw this link this evening, it was at just over 150k view. Now – at 1:47 am – 757k views. Way to go viral! Too bad there is a copyright song that may prevent Adsense revenue. How cool if they could pay for a wedding with the revenue from this video? And BTW – Bruno Mars, you are now required to play at the reception.

Now, I mentioned, this is the best marriage proposal video ever – placed on YouTube. The best marriage proposal ever would have to be my husband’s ask of me to marry him. Yes, this is called SUCKING UP to the husbs. He totally tried and planned, but this at the time 19-year old, was just clueless. So glad I said yes.

What Is The Best Wedding Proposal Video You’ve Ever Seen? Post a Link!


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