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The Best Free App for Filling Out Forms

A free form app that makes it easy to fill out forms!

You guys, we have been crazy busy the last few weeks and well let’s just say the kid’s camp forms are overdue. I really mean well, but I mean I was trying to load the form and then got distracted and now the youth pastor is sending out nice reminder emails. I just need to fill out the camp forms, but UGH.

No one wants to find the forms, print out a forms, fill it out the forms, scan in the forms and then email the forms. That’s a lot y’all and I don’t know about you but half the time my printer is disconnected, out of paper, out of ink. This form headache, now has a solution. You guys, it’s so simple.

Adobe Fill & Sign App

Listen, I am a long time fan of Adobe. I’ve been using their products for the last 20 years (yes, that totally dates me.) So, when I found this app – totally wanted to give them a huge high-five for saving my sanity.

best free form app to fill out forms
best free form app to fill out forms

The Adobe Fill and Sign app is a free app available for both iOS and Android. It’s super simple to use and a total time saver when it comes to filling out forms!

Free App to Fill Out Paper Forns

Here’s the deal, while the camp forms I needed to fill out were PDFs, this app will also let you fill out ANY format. Like it even lets you snap a picture of a paper form and fill it out on your phone or tablet. You then e-sign and send. You no longer need to worry about printing!

free form app fill and sign
free form app fill and sign

Using the Form App

Here are a few tips to help maximize your time when using the Adobe Fill and Sign app.

Signatures and Initials

You can create a signature and it will store in the app. It actually stores 2, typically I store my digital signature and then my initials. If I need an additional signature or initials – like we did with the camp forms, just delete the initials since those are easy to re-create. Super easy!

Fill Out My Profile

On the bottom of the form app, when on the home screen – there is a little person icon. Click and fill out your profile information.

adobe form app
adobe form app

This will speed up filling out forms as this data is what the form app uses as auto-suggestions.

Exporting and Sending

After you are done filling out the forms in the app, you have multiple options on sending. You can text, email, facebook, send to Google drive, Facebook messenger, print, save to files, export and create a PDF. Again, I can’t stress how easy the free Adobe Fill and Sign app is to use and how much time this form app can save you.

Easiest Way to Fill Out Form on a Computer

If you totally love the above form app and want to be able to easily fill out forms on a computer, Adobe has a solution for this!

Check out Adobe Fill and Sign Any Form. This gives you the same functionality of the above forms but on a computer. Totally useful!  Click Hereimp?type(inv)g(22804962)a(2984059)%epi%%epi2% to learn more about Adobe Fill and Sign on your computer.

Time Saving and Multiple Uses

We hope that you find this free form app are brilliant and time saving as we do! I am going to try to use it next time we are at the doctor’s office to fill out patient paperwork rather than sitting their writing in answers with my poor handwriting!

Let’s hope I don’t get an eye-roll from the receptionist. Better yet, let’s go green and get more doctor offices on board with using apps like this!

Download Adobe Fill and Sign App

Here are the links to download the Adobe Fill and Sign App:

We like to share apps that help parents in one way or another. Sometimes the apps we share are to entertain or educate kids, other times for productivity or maybe just to entertain us!

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