3D Printer for the Home: Makism 3D introduces 3D Wideboy Printer Family

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3D printers always sounded so far fetched to me. I remember my husband telling me about them a few years ago, my mind was confused – so it’s a printer that prints in 3D, HUH?

It took me seeing one in action to get what exactly a 3D printer is and what it does and WOAH, mind blown. That was a few years ago. Fast forward and now 3D printers are available for the home. Yep, you can be creating various objects in 3D right in your home office.

3D Printing at Home with Wideboy 3D Printer

Makism 3D Printers is a leader in creating 3D printers. With their new Wideboy 3D printer, it’s ready to use right out of the box, and printing with it is as easy as printing from a inkjet printer at home!

I keep thinking about my son and his need to create a 3D solar system for a project and how cool would it be to use a 3D printer to make everything he needs.

I’ve seen cool pieces of jewelry made from 3D printers, as well as various pieces and parts for everyday items. I would love to be able to create my own action figures for our toddler boys or what about taking drawing from your kids and making their imaginary creations a 3D reality?

As 3D printers become main stream and more artists and common folk jump on the bandwagon – I can’t wait to see what all people will be using these machines for.

Have you played with a 3D printer? 

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