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Mommy Must Have: Wash Pod / European Baby Bath Tub

Before the last pregnancy, someone had sent me a video of a baby in a washpod a.k.a. European bath tub.

European Baby Bath Tub – Wash Pod

I saw a picture of the tub and thought for sure that I’d never use it, it look like something my baby would drown in and I might as well wash him in a bucket.

Well, here I am again, biting my own lip and slapping my hand for judging before trying.

Easy to Store

This baby tub is easy to store.  It sits in the bath tub – and it’s not all awkward like the old school baby bath tubs.

Easy to Clean

It’s just like a bucket. There isn’t a drain, just fill it up with soapy water and dump. That’s it.

Bathe the Kid Anywhere, Almost.

We have yet to bathe Izaiah in the actual bathroom – instead, we just carry the bath tub into his room (fortunately the bathroom is connected) and wash him in there.

Ease of Use

I don’t know about you, but bathing a baby has never been easy. The baby fusses, laying the kid in a tub is funky, so much so I just ended up washing my first 2 kids with a wash cloth holding them the first several months.

With the European Bath Tub – Washpod – Izaiah has never really freaked out in this tub and neither have I. As weird as it looks, the baby feels comfortable in the tight space.  You easily have a grip on the kid.

6 Months+

We’ve used this baby bath tub since day 1. Izaiah still loves it. The biggest problem now is he loves to stand and I can’t get his legs to unbuckle to get him in this!  

As he continues sitting for longer periods of time, we’ll move him to the rubber ducky tub (review to come!).

Put This On Your Baby Shower Gift Registry

Soon-to-be and New moms – put the Washpod – European Baby Bath Tub on your baby registry list – it’s something every mommy should have!