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Augmented Reality App for Toddlers & Preschoolers!

Looking for a fun interactive app for toddlers and preschoolers? Check out AR Flashcards!

Through the use of augmented reality (AR) and flashcards – this app allows your children to learn in a new and exciting way! A new approach to flashcards!

Using printed flashcards and your iPhone or iPad – the AR Flashcards app allows your kids to point the iPhone or iPad at the printed alphabet flashcards and a 3D animal will pop up on the screen related to the flash cards.


The AR Flashcards Animal Alphabet app is available for $1.99 on the Apple App Store.

Purchase the AR Flashcards Animal Alphabet App

Welcome to a new world of Flashcards. AR Flashcards make learning the Alphabet fun with the technology of Augmented Reality!

AR Flashcards are a new way to interact and make Flashcards more entertaining for toddlers and preschoolers. With AR Flashcards, learning the Alphabet will be fun! When you point your device at the printed flashcard a beautifully rendered 3D animal will pop up on the screen. Tap the animal to hear the letter and animal name.


– 26 beautifully rendered Animals to help your toddler or preschooler learn!

– Tap on each Animal to hear the Letter and name of the Animal!

– You can print out the flashcards or if you own two iOS devices you can access the flashcards from within the app in a beautiful swipeable gallery!

*Note* You must visit to download and print the free Flashcard Markers necessary to make this app work. Make sure to print the flashcards in color as they will not work in black and white. This app will only work on devices with a camera.

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