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How to Make Healthy Choices While Living in a Hotel with the Nutribullet Balance

Does your new year include a resolution to get healthy? After our house flooded and we started living in a hotel, we decided to not worry about New Year’s resolutions.

With a kitchenette and 6 mouths to feed, we have to eat the majority of our meals out. It’s hard to eat healthily, but we have found a hack that helps us make healthy choices while living in a hotel – here it is..

NutriBullet Balance Tech Review

Our friends at NutriBullet asked if we would be interested in trying out their new NutriBullet Balance just before the new year. It looked like a cool kitchen tech device and perfect for making smoothies.

We were excited to try it out. We received it the day of our house flooding. When we moved into the hotel, the NutriBullet Balance came with us and let me just say, it’s been a God-send!

What is a NutriBullet? 

Before I go on further, are you familiar with the NutriBullet? I had heard of the device but hadn’t used one. I had a blender, that’s all I needed for a smoothie, right? Here is the deal. Our blender is big and clunky.

nutribullet balance blender review

We constantly lose all of the parts and struggle to find a place to put it in our cabinets. The NutriBullet offers a minimal, compact design. Clean up is hassle-free and it has an amazing nutrient extraction power.

Innovative Design

The design of the NutriBullet allows you to even drink from the cup that you blend with. I mentioned how simple clean-up was right? Have you tried cleaning a standard blender? It’s a pain.

The Nutribullet cups fit on the top-rack of the dishwasher (that’s right! the cup is dishwasher safe) and the blade cleans easily with soap and water. 

NutriBullet vs & NutriBullet Balance

Now that we know what a NutriBullet is, let’s talk about the NutriBullet Balance. So what is the difference between the NutriBullet and the NutriBullet Balance?

The NutriBullet Balance takes the NutriBullet to a whole new level. The NutriBullet Balance syncs with the Balance App via Bluetooth to send nutritional information to your smart device.

Why would you want a Bluetooth connected NutriBullet? Check this out. The NutriBullet Balance has the ability to tell you the nutrition value of your smoothie.

It works via the NutriBullet Balance app and lets you create recipes and as you add the ingredients via the app and the blender, the ingredients are weighed with the Nutribullet and the app informs you of the nutrition value.

nutribalance smoothie

I don’t know about your family, but we make a lot of smoothies in our house. I have to admit, I never really thought about the nutrients in the smoothies that we were making. That has since changed now that we know how easy it is to find out what the nutrition value is of what you are putting in your smoothie!

Let’s Make a Smoothie

Let’s walk thru step-by-step of making a smoothie and finding out the nutrition value of your smoothie by using the NutriBullet Balance and NutriBullet Balance app.

Every night, our kids like to have a night snack. Living in a hotel room – again, trying to make GOOD healthy choices, we have started making smoothies as their night time snack. Here is my 7-year-old Izaiah, helping me unbox and make a smoothie. 

nutribullet balance review

Since I have a recipe that I’ve created myself, I am going to input this information in the app to calculate the nutrition info and save it for later use. My recipe will also be available for other app users to see so that they can create it on their own! If you are looking for a new smoothie idea, check the app!

There are numerous smoothie recipes to choose from. Bonus – did I mention that the NutriBullet Balance makes more than smoothies? Check out the soups and dessert recipes in the app as well! Here is how you will use the app when creating your own recipe:

  • First, download the NutriBullet Balance app. Don’t worry, it’s free and available for both Android and iPhone!
  • Next, let’s connect our NutriBullet Balance to Bluetooth.
  • Now that we are connected, let’s make a smoothie!
  • Open your app and choose “Create a Recipe” and click “Start”
  • Set your NutriBullet cup empty, in the blender. No blade, the cup should you be standing up just like a cup!
  • Click “Add ingredient” and select what you are putting in your smoothies (ex. bananas, strawberries, etc.) 
  • Next, add the actual ingredient to the cup. The NutriBullet Balance will measure how much you are putting into the cup and tell you the nutrition value. 
  • Continue with each ingredient. 
  • Click Save!
nutribalance app

Your smoothie recipe with nutritional information is now saved on your app for easy access anytime you want to make that smoothie! Remember, you can use the NutriBullet Balance for more than smoothies! I’m looking forward to trying out a few soups. It’s cold here in Texas, perfect soup weather and we are so sick of eating out.

Final Thoughts

The NutriBullet Balance offers a great way to make a perfect smoothie. The product is very well made, super easy to use and clean. Living in a hotel isn’t easy, but it’s great having a compact device that we can utilize to help us make healthy, homemade choices. Here is what the kid thinks:

Learn more about Nutribullet Balance at

Disclosure:Post sponsored by NutriBullet but all opinions are my own.


Thursday 1st of February 2018

Never thought of bringing the Nutribullet to the hotel but what a great idea! Def going to do that on future travels. Xoxo, K&E

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