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    youtube video gone wrong

    Best YouTube Hair Tutorial FAIL!

    Holy YouTube Hair Tutorial Fail! Girls, if you have attempted to use a curling ...

    amy pohler dishes makeup advice to 14 year old

    Amy Pohler Gives 14 Year Old Makeup Advice

    And this is where Amy Pohler proves that she is just down right awesome.  ...

    social media explained

    Social Media Explained

    Social Media Explained by Someone Who Pees Twitter: I need to pee Facebook: I ...

    iphone youtube

    I Phone You Tube

    So geeky, I love it - I phone - You Tube comic

    youtube live

    YouTube is Going LIVE

    YouTube steps up their game and if beta testing LIVE streaming. Ustream beware!

    Forever Lazy

    Snuggie 2.0 right here people - check out Forever Lazy!

    Make Your Videos Google Friendly

    Make Your Videos Google Friendly

    Want Google to Find Your Videos? Make Your Videos Google Friendly!

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