7 Pictures You Must Take on Christmas Day

With Christmas Day approaching fast, you will want to be sure you are prepared and ready to document events as they happen.

Chances are on Christmas day, you will have your camera on hand for some impromptu family pictures and poses. This Christmas, instead of the typical family in front of the Christmas tree pose, try some of the fun and festive shots listed below. These ideas are will make for some creative Christmas pictures that are sure to end up in your scrapbook! Make sure to check read 20 Christmas Traditions to Start With Your Kids.

Must Take Pictures on Christmas Day

To those asking, these were taken with my Canon 60D – I now shoot with a Canon 70D

The Ambush


Do your children wake up at 4:30 a.m. to see what Santa brought them? If so, you need a pic! Snap a shot of the ambush as they pour in your room, smother dad, and rip the covers to shreds. Don’t forget to snap a pic of them in front of the clock if you can. Their wide eyed faces in front of a clock reading 4:30 a.m. will be a hoot.

The Down the Stairs Journey


As your children make a mad dash like no one has ever seen down the hallway or stairs, snap a pic. Chances are this picture will be just of their backs, but if you are lucky you will also get their arms flailing in the air and bed head.

Before/After Damage

before christmas destruction

christmas photos

aftermath christmas day

For this set of photos you need to act quick. Snap a quick shot of the gifts as they lay wrapped lovingly. When gift opening is done, take a picture of the aftermath. There will be ribbons, paper, and gift tags galore. Visit www.picmonkey.com and create a split screen of your before and after pics.

At the Table with Family


Have you noticed how children eat just about anything on Christmas? Photograph the table or people at the table.

Weather Watchers


It is always fun to remember what the weather was like each Christmas. Some years you may be bombarded with snow, some years it may be 50 degrees. Take a family pic outside on Christmas morning so you can always remember. You can even add the temperature and forecast to your pic at www.picmonkey.com.

Photos to take on Christmas morningTo Grandmother’s House You Go

Load the kiddos and gifts in the car (don’t forget that pie you worked so hard on last night) and head off for a day of visiting family and friends. But before you do, take a family selfie. Take a pic of yourselves in the loaded up car, gifts and food in back, and remember that high you were on as the day begins.

The Crash

It is inevitable. Christmas day has to come to an end. When it does, you will no doubt have a grumpy spouse, crying children, and a messy house. Now is time to snap a pic! Grumpy faces, torn apart living rooms, a droopy tree, and all of the other signs of a good time are worth remembering later. Well, they are at least good for some future laughs, right?

So take the formal family pictures, take a pic of the Christmas tree and ham in all of their glory. Just don’t forget those fun, quirky, and less than perfect moments that are bound to happen Christmas day. You won’t be sorry!


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  • K. Elizabeth (YUMMommy)

    The ambush is definitely my favorite moment to capture. Their eyes are all wide with wonderment when they realize it’s Christmas Day!

  • Diana

    This is really such a cute idea, I especially love the idea of a before/after photo in my living room! I always take a lot of formal photos, but then wish I had snapped a few candid ones too!

  • Run 2

    Super post! Really nice info, thank you!

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