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Walmart Family Mobile Review

Last month we signed our oldest daughter Z up for Walmart Family Mobile. It was time to buy her a phone. My husband and I are both on contract plans. After researching, going with a non-contract option was a lot cheaper than than adding her to our current plan. Plus, we knew we did not want a cell phone contract for her.

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walmart mobile

After a month of usage and I have to say that we are happy with every aspect with our Walmart Family Mobile purchase.

Cell Phone Coverage

Walmart Family Mobile uses the T-Mobile network, and anywhere we go there has been great coverage and speed. This is something we were weary of when signing up with a contract-free plan, but now realize we shouldn’t have been!

Samsung GS II

We had purchased a Samsung GS II for Z to use with Walmart Family Mobile. This Android phone is amazing. My husband and I currently both have the Apple iPhone 5.  After playing around with her phone, it gave me a whole new appreciation and perspective into Android phones, particularly the Samsung.  

samsung gs II

My sister had the Samsung GS II and had raved about it. She recently updated to the Samsung GS IV and can see why she stuck with a Samsung cell phone.

We had contemplated for a long time on whether or not to purchase a cell phone for our daughter, but at the end of the day it’s proven to be totally worth it! There have been many situations where she has needed to contact us and without the cell phone would of been difficult.

All that being said, I am super glad we made her sign a kids cell phone contract. There have been certain instances where the phone was being used late, or too much in which we’ve been able to refer back to the contract on.