Best Instant Pot Accessories – 10+ Must Have Add-Ons


For the hardcore Instant Pot fans, we bring you Instant Pot Accessories!

While what comes with the standard Instant Pot, works great and you can cook a plethora of recipes no problem – sometimes you need more. We’ve rounded up our favorite accessories to use with the IP. These can help you take your cooking and recipes to a whole new level, as well as simplify everyday use!

Instant Pot Accessories

Best Instant Pot Recipes InstantPot
must have instant pot accessories

With the rising popularity of the electric pressure cooker, comes a plethora of Instant Pot Accessories to help enhance your pressure cooking.

Steam Valve Release

First, if you have used the Instant Pot you know the insanity of the pressure release. YES, the crazy 5ish minutes where your IP is steaming like mad. There is a solution!

instant pot steam diverted with accessory
instant pot accessory – steam diverter

We have a whole post dedicated to Instant Pot Steam Diverters – because no one wants that much steam all over their kitchen cabinets!

Glass Lid for Instant Pot IP Duo60

If you are using your IP as a slow cooker – you will want to get the tempered glass lid that fits the Instant Pot IP Duo60 6- quart model.

Instant Pot Glass Lid
glass lid for instant pot

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Instant Pot Sealing Ring

Does your IP sealing ring smell? This is totally common and especially if you let the pot sit for a while with food, the sealing ring can stink!

Instant Pot Seal
instant pot sealing ring replacement

Buy a new one – make sure to choose the right model number!

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Stainless Steel Inner Pot

If your pressure cooker stainless steel bowl is stained, or if you want a second – the inner pot is now available to purchase.

Extra Inner Pot - Instant Pot Accessories
instant pot inner pot replacement

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Springform Loaf Pan

I told you, you can cook just about anything in the IP! The springform loaf pain will help make bread and cakes easy peasy in the pressure cooker. Make sure to learn how to make a cake in the Instant Pot – deliciousness.

Instant Pot Spring Loaf Pan
Instant Pot Springform Loaf Pan for Cakes

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Silicone Mitts

The IP can get HOT. Use the silicone mitts to lift out the stainless steel inner pot. This also comes in handy when de-pressurizing your IP.

Instant Pot Silicone Gloves
Silicone mitts for Instant Pot handling

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Instant Pot Silicone Cover

Save your meals quick and easy with this silicone cover made just for the Instant Pot pressure cooker! Your stainless steel inner pot works Tupperware lid for your IP. It makes saving food easy peasy.

Instant Pot Cover
Instant Pot Silicone Pot Cover

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Stackable Steamer Insert

The Instant Pot steamer insert works perfectly when making Instant Pot hard boiled eggs and meatballs! I can’t only imagine the yummy steamed dumpling and Starbuck dupe egg bites you could make using this Instant Pot steamer insert.

Instant Pot Stackable Steamer Insert
Instant Pot Stackable Steamer Insert

There are numerous uses for the steamer. When you want to stack and steam, this gadget will help!

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Instant Pot Yogurt Cups

Making Instant Pot yogurt is a great way to make a healthy treat at an affordable price.

Instant Pot Yogurt Cups
instant pot yogurt cup

These yogurt cups and pressure sterilization rack will help you make and save your yogurt, easy peasy. Save big and enjoy delicious yogurt on the go with these yogurt cups.

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Steamer Basket

The steamer basket works great when Instant Potting hard boiled eggs, steaming vegetables like artichokes or making mashed potatoes.

IP Steamer Basket
instant pot steamer basket

This will let you steam food with minimal effort. We love to make deviled eggs in our IP and the steamer basket makes it simple to do.

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What are your favorite Instant Pot Accessories? What’s worked for you? How do you use them? Let us know in the comments!

We hope you enjoyed this list of Instant Pot accessories. Don’t miss out on our Instant Pot Recipes! We have IP recipes for everything from chicken to Indian food.

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