BEST Paleo Instant Pot Recipes

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Are you doing the Paleo diet and looking for Paleo Instant Pot Recipes? Look no further!

Alright, it’s the new year and I know many of us are trying to start the new year with a new diet. If you are doing the Paleo diet – I’ve rounded up several Paleo Instant Pot recipes to help make your diet and meal planning easier. 

Instant Pot Recipes for Paleo Diet

If you aren’t familiar with the Paleo diet, here is a quick outline of what the diet consists and what is considered Paleo friendly. Paleo diet foods include meat, fish, seeds, eggs, nuts, vegetables and fruits, along with healthy fats and oils.

What is the paleo diet
Paleo Instant Pot Recipes

You will want to avoid processed foods, grains and sugar. But when eating Paleo, you can add in a few modern healthy foods like grass-fed butter and gluten-free grains.

PALEO diet meme
PALEO diet meme

Everyone does this diet different, but this is the general idea of how the Paleo diet works. (Make sure to check out our KETO Instant Pot Recipes.)

Paleo Instant Pot Recipes

From eggs to chicken to beef and Brussel sprouts, we have rounded up the BEST Paleo Instant Pot recipes.

Paleo Instant Pot Recipes
Paleo Instant Pot Recipes

You guys know how much I love the Instant Pot so hoping these Paleo recipes give you some new ideas on what to make to eat. 

Instant Pot Steamed Eggs

First on our list of Paleo Instant Pot recipes, we have Instant Pot Steamed eggs!

Instant Pot Steamed Eggs - Paleo Instant Pot Recipes
Paleo Instant Pot Steamed Eggs

Instant Pot steamed eggs well they are pretty much the same as hard boiled eggs. And eggs is something you can eat on the Paleo diet! Here is a simple how to on making the perfect egg in the Instant Pot. 

Did you know you can microwave hard boiled eggs? Now you do.

View Recipe at Omnivore’s Cookbook

Instant Pot Broccoli

Next on our list of Paleo Instant Pot recipes, let’s look at various ways to make Instant Pot broccoli and stay on the Paleo diet!

instant pot broccoli recipes paleo friendly
Instant Pot Paleo Broccoli Recipe

Here are 2 different ways to make Paleo Instant Pot Broccoli:

Paleo Instant Pot Broth Recipes

Broths are a great way to get nutrients as well as making soups and the great thing is, these are all Paleo friendly!

Paleo Instant Pot Broth Recipes
Instant Pot Paleo Broth

Enjoy these Paleo Instant Pot broth recipes:

Paleo Chicken Instant Pot Recipes

There’s a million ways to make chicken, but we are looking specifically at Paleo Chicken Instant Pot recipes.

Paleo Chicken Instant Pot Recipes
Instant Pot Paleo Chicken Recipes

From Indian to Mexican foods, these dishes are delicious and easy to make in the Instant Pot. Make these meals to fill you up. Hopefully these Chicken Paleo Instant Pot recipes will give you some ideas on how to eat chicken in a variety of way when eating Paleo. 

Are you hungry yet? Don’t miss these hungry memes.

Paleo Instant Pot Beef Recipes

When you get tired of chicken, there is always BEEF!

paleo beef instant pot recipes
Paleo Instant Pot Beef Recipes

Don’t get stuck with Paleo! Try new things, find out what you like and continually keep your meal menu fresh. This will help keep focused and not bored (or hungry!)

Let’s look at creative Paleo beef Instant Pot recipes:

Paleo Instant Pot Brussel Sprouts Recipes

Brussel sprouts haven’t always been a favorite of mine. Maybe it’s age or maybe it’s how they are made, I now love brussel sprouts. 

paleo instant pot brussel sprout recipes
Paleo Instant Pot Brussel Sprouts Recipes

Brussel sprouts make a great Paleo side dish. If you are looking for Paleo Brussel Sprouts Instant Pot recipes, here you go!

We hope you enjoy these recipes! If you have a recipe that we should include, drop a link or the recipe into the comments below!

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