Best Instant Pot Steam Diverters

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You guys, Instant Pot Steam Diverters are brilliant. Do you freak out like I do when your Instant Pot steam hits the top of your cabinet or blows a certain way when you do a pressure release? This is your solution!

Instant Pot Pressure Release Steam

I have had my Instant Pot for a few years now and am still obsessed. My biggest annoyance was when I did a pressure release and the crazy amount of steam blows – typically hitting the tops of my cabinet. This is NOT good. We had to have our kitchen remodeled and the last thing I want is unwanted moisture on our kitchen cabinets.

But guess what? There is a solution!

Divert Steam from Kitchen Cabinet

For the last year or so, I have used an ugly PVC pipe to divert the Instant Pot steam from my cabinets to another direction. I’ve posted this on Instagram and each time, someone asks about this.

While my cheap PVC pipe totally works as an Instant Pot steam diverter, it isn’t cute. Leave it to the clever universe to deliver cute Instant Pot steam diverters!

If you are in the market for an Instant Pot Steam Diverter, divert that steam with one of these cuties. These make awesome gifts for your friends and family that love their Instant Pot!

Henry Steam Mate – Instant Pot Steam Diverters

First we have Henry the steam mate. Henry is an angry guy who sits on your Instant Pot Valve and when you release steam – steam releases from his EARS!

Maybe you have a boss like Henry or husband, let’s hope its boss not husband. Either way, Henry the steam diverter makes an awesome conversation piece and gift!

Cannon Blowing Steam

Our next adorable Instant Pot Steam accessory is this cute little steam diverter that’s a cannon!  The cannon blows steam when you pressure release so the cannon looks like it’s steaming.

People are so clever! And yay for no steam on my kitchen cabinets! Seriously the idea of that much hot moisture urks me.

Steam Boss

The Steam Boss doesn’t have the cuteness that the above Instant Pot steam valve diverters have, but it’s practical and PINK.

I mean, who doesn’t love pink (don’t answer that – and don’t worry, it also comes in black.)

There it is folks! Your solution for the crazy Instant Pot steam! No longer do you have to worry about where the steam is blowing. These Instant Pot steam diverters direct the steam to whichever directions that you want it to go rather than up!

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Instant Pot Recipes

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