Pookie Who? Meet Rusty and Fely TikTok Couple of the Year


Fely and Rusty are the adorable TikTok couple who might just have you saying, “Pookie who?”

It’s a love story that you will just want to keep following. Listen, I love the TikTok awkwardness, yet sincerity of Jett and Pookie but when Fely and Rusty came on my FYP (For You Page) was an instant follow for me. This older couple’s presence on TikTok offers hope and inspiration, proving that love knows no age limits.

Rusty and Fely TikTok Love

Amidst the sea of content on TikTok trends, Fely and Rusty’s account stands out as a beacon of genuine love and authenticity. Their journey is a heartwarming reminder that even in a world filled with negativity, love stories like theirs continue to shine bright.

rusty and fely tiktok
Pookie nah get you a Fely

Fely, with the grace of a seasoned TikTok pro, often begins her videos with a sweet introduction, “This is Rusty, he is my husband.” The authenticity and endearing nature of their account are undeniable, making you want to hit that follow button without hesitation.

While I follow a lot of people on TikTok, there is just something so endearing and real about this TikTok account that will make you want to just hit that follow button. Rusty Morrison is an attorney, while Fely appears to be retired (though is busy cooking and taking care of her man and family.)

A Heartwarming Love Story

Who doesn’t love a good love story? (In addition to Taylor and Travis, of course!) What makes their story even more touching is the fact that they both were widowed before finding each other. Fely had been a widow for 24 years, while Rusty had been one for 3 years.

Their paths crossed on the digital realm of Tinder, thanks to a family friend and Rusty’s granddaughter who helped them navigate online dating. Their connection was instantaneous, grounded in their deep love for family.

Their love story is beautifully chronicled in their TikTok videos, allowing viewers to witness the growth of their bond. Fely and Rusty’s journey is a testament to the power of love, reminding us all that regardless of age or circumstances, genuine connections can be formed, and love can thrive.

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Spreading Love and Happiness on TikTok

In an online world of Legging Legs and other shenanigans, it’s so refreshing to find people that are exuding light into the online world.

If you’d like to see more of their heartwarming journey, check out their TikTok account at @FelyMorrison75. Fely and Rusty’s TikTok presence is more than just videos; it’s an embodiment of love, hope, and positivity. Join their growing community and experience the joy they share with their over 182.9k followers and 8.6 million likes on their videos, all amassed since their TikTok journey began in September 2023.

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