Corporate Erin TikTok: A Satirical Series on Corporate Life

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We are diving in on Corporate Erin TikTok, telling you who this is and why her voice might sound familiar.

The corporate life isn’t for the week. Here at Digital Mom Blog, we giving many of laughs in way of work memes so whenever a hilarious trend providing humor for the office starts trending – we are here for it.

What is Corporate Erin TikTok?

Corporate Erin TikTok is a series of hilarious TikTok videos set out to mock the way communications within corporate America is handled. With a steady unemployment rate, most of us have jobs and know that working a corporate position provides plenty of opportunity for laughs.

corporate erin tiktok lisa beasley
Meet TikTok sensation Lisa Beasley – aka Corporate Erin.

Let’s meet Corporate Erin, find out the TikToker behind the character and everything else you need to know about this hilarious series.

Lisa Beasley is Corporate Erin

Witty Lisa Beasley is the creator behind the Corporate Erin TikTok series. It appears that the first videos on TikTok featuring Corporate Erin began in November 2023.

She has since put together a complete #CorporateErin playlist for you to enjoy with all 71 videos (as of January 29, 2024.)

Manager of Management

Corporate Erin’s made up title is Manager for the Manager of Logistics from Management.

corporate erin meme
Corporate Erin meme: she’s the manager for the manager of logistics from management.

In her videos, she puts on a fake meeting that so many of us who have lived through corporate America can totally relate to.

The Vocal Fry is Real

The immediate thing you realize when watching a Corporate Erin video is Lisa’s use of vocal fry. Here is a great example of vocal fry in action. The squeaky, random pitch tone is a common trait among many corporate talking heads.

Corporate Buzzwords Galore

Another thing that can’t be missed in the Corporate Erin videos is Lisa’s hilarious use of corporate buzzwords. We all know them: bandwidth, slack, dumpster fire, deliverables, assets, cadence of the roll-out, contention – I could go on but I know we all already hear these words enough!

Relatable Content

Why has Corporate Erin TikTok popped off? Lisa’s creation is relatable. Not only in how she talks (vocal fry!) but also in the subjects she does her videos on.

@lisabevolving Hi, #CorporateErin ♬ original sound – Lisa Beasley

Corporate Erin makes a lot of her videos based on replies to her videos. Here are some of our favorite relatable TikTok’s from Corporate Erin.

Corporate Erin talks Maternity Leave

For all of those pregnant mamas, we know the pain that it is just to have a baby – well maternity leave can be a whole other pain in itself! Watch Erin’s take on Maternity Stay – as she calls it.

Deboard Employees

When the company does layoffs, Erin jumps in with a comedic video on de-boarding employees. Unemployment is no fun, but as Erin says – you haven’t been fired but your free time has been hired.

corporate erin tiktok deboarding employees
Corporate Erin tiktok talks layoffs and deboarding employees.

Corporate Erin Explains Bereavement Policy

During a 1 on 1, Erin talks through what a bereavement policy for corporate looks like.

Thank you Lisa for keeping us entertained with your brilliant character. Give her a follow on TikTok and Instagram.

Keeping you in the know on what the buzz is on the internet and Corporate Erin TikTok is for sure something anyone who needs a laugh needs to know about.

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