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Toxic TikTok Trend Legging Legs Gets Kicked From Clock App

If you are wondering what legging legs are and why in the world it’s trending on TikTok, we got you.

Last week, the topic of legging legs hit the clock app and people started asking, wondering, what is this and do I have them? With the explosion came the reality of the toxicity of the topic. Let’s dive in and find out the latest on this internet buzz.

The Body Shaming Legging Legs Link

When the topic of legging legs initially hit TikTok it was young people critiquing their legs in leggings. From talking about squats to having a giant square thigh gap and small legs, this topic blew up.

legging legs trend canceled
The TikTok legging legs trend is officially canceled.

As anyone who has experienced body shaming knows, saying only a certain set of people look good or should do something because of how they look is the worse.

Legging Leg Censored on TikTok

This week, researching to write more about this trend I discovered something TikTok has done with the Legging Legs topics. Now when you search for this, you are prompted with the following:

legging legs topic on tiktok banned
TikTok has banned the legging leg topic.

You’re not alone. If you or someone you know is having a hard time, help is always available. With a link to learn more and how to talk to a professional about eating disorders.

Thankfully TikTok listened. A large number of creators started talking how legging legs are anyone who has legs for leggings, blowing away the notion you had to be one type to wear this clothing. We don’t need more of that on the internet.

Check out this video from EmilyxPerarl. She nails the topic: Do we understand that there are 15 year old girls that feel that they can’t wear leggings because of TikToks? ENOUGH.


♬ original sound – Emily

Do I Have Legging Legs?

With the virality that TikTok has and the impact on people, especially the young and impressionable – it’s nice to see that they stepped in and stopped the unhealthy conversation that the legging legs trend was headed. If you find yourself asking, the answer is yes.

legging legs meme
Share this legging legs meme and spread body positivity.

If you have to ask, do I have legging legs we are here to answer this for you. YES, you do. Everyone who wants to wear leggings should. Don’t let some internet trend dictate what you wear or how you feel about yourself.

If You Have Legs You Can Wear Leggings

The perpetual attack on our bodies and what they should be must stop. Kudos to TikTok for stepping in and halting the discussion.

legging legs image
Have legs? Wear leggings!

Continue sharing that anyone with legs can wear leggings. Body acceptance, love all however they are. Life is too short to be petty and legging legs, well that is just down right petty.

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