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US Presidential Debate Trivia: 2024 Edition Who Said It?

Test your skills with our 2024 US Presidential Debate quiz to find out if you know, who said what.

The first June 27, 2024 United States Presidential Debate was something else to say the least. We already covered the with 2024 debate memes, but now let’s take a fun quiz and find out if you know who said what.

Who Said It? 2024 US Presidential Debate Quiz

who said it us presidential debate 2024 quiz showing joe biden and donald trump pointing at each other

The first 2024 US Presidential Debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump was a night to remember! From fiery exchanges to memorable one-liners, this debate had it all. Whether you're a political junkie or just love a good laugh, our "2024 Presidential Debate Quiz: Who Said It?" is the perfect way to relive the highlights.

Test your knowledge on who said what during this epic showdown. Was it Biden's call for unity or Trump's economic promises that caught your attention? Dive into this fun quiz to find out how well you remember the key moments and quotes from the debate. Share your results with friends and see who the real debate expert is! Let's get started and see if you can match the candidates to their unforgettable lines!

How well did you do? Share this quiz on social media! Give us a tag so more people can enjoy taking this Who Said It quiz.

US Presidential Debate Quiz Answers Fact Check

We like to keep it on the straight and arrow in regards to fact checking our answers. Here is where you can find the source to the answers from our 2024 Presidential Debate quiz and read the entire debate transcript.

us presidential debate quiz featuring photo of presdient joe biden and former president donald trump

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