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Our New Life – It’s a Circus

family circus

Hello and welcome to our family circus! 15 days ago our lives changed. Our fourth child was welcomed into this wonderful world. And 15 days ago our life as a circus began. Instead of a 3 ring circus, we have 4 rings.  My husband and I are sharing roles as the emcee.

In ring 1, we have a sweet little baby who was just born and wants to just sleep and eat.

In ring  2, we have a 16-month old who does not like having a baby in the house therefore is causing mass destruction.

In ring 3, our 6 year old wants to go outside and while he thinks the baby is cute, has no desire to pay any attention to it.

In ring 4, we have an 8 year old who thinks she is the mom! When the real mom (I guess, that’s me) is asleep or busy, ring 4 steps in and takes charge. This is proving to be both good and bad.

Little Zeke is really a great kid. The other 3 children, aka rings in this post – are dealing with sibling jealousy and sleep deprivation. School is out for the summer and routine is non-existent. All this while trying to recover. Needless to say the last few weeks has been crazy.

We’re embracing it. This is our new life. No longer can we run out to a restaurant to grab a bite to eat. Our meals are planned and cooked and home. Our incomes are now split amongst 6 not 5. Laundry has increased. Hours and hours are spent holding, feeding and loving our new sweet baby.


Our long term plan was to have this… 4 kids. It was my dream and hope for me and my husband when we were first married. Now it’s so surreal that it’s here. I love this family and am so thankful for each child in our family circus. It’s just too bad we can’t charge admission to support these creatures!