Easy How to Open Zip Files From Etsy Download Files

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Let’s do a quick how to on How To Open Zip Files so you can easily access your Etsy downloads.

So this whole tutorial started after I received several questions about about opening zip files from Etsy.  No worries, friends – I’ve got you!

Open Zip Files From Etsy Download Files

This is a very easy to follow tutorial to get your zip file open. Follow these steps to extract the bundle of files that are zipped.

open a zip file
how to open a zip file from etsy download files

What is a Zip File and Why Do People Use Them?

Don’t you love knowing the WHY? Well, let’s look at the what and why of zip files.

Zip Files Explained

A zip file is a compressed file that is like a digital folder that compresses multiple documents down to one file. So when you receive a zip file, it may just look like one file – but typically there are multiple files inside the zip file – you just need to open it.

How to open a zip file, you ask? Keep reading! We have a quick .zip file tutorial to have you unzipping files in no time.

File Compression

Zip files are used to compress file sizes and the amount of files. So rather than sending you 6 large image files, I can compress these down to a smaller size and send you just 1 file – rather than 6!

This helps a ton, especially in the case of an Etsy seller like myself. Since the majority of our digital products offer you various file formats, and Etsy limits file sizes and the amount of files you upload, zip files are the norm and standard.

How to Download a Zip From From Etsy Files

So you purchased a digital download or printable and need to know how to download a zip file from Etsy download. Zip files for download are typically available in 2 spots – immediately after purchase you should be presented with an option to download your digital zip file or files.

Another way is to go to your Etsy account and view your orders. There is a link provided in your account for downloads.

open zip file from etsy tutorial
open zip file from etsy tutorial

Another shortcut to download, but make sure you are logged into your Etsy account to do this – simply go to this URL but replace your order number at the end!


NOTE: – depending on the seller, your Etsy digital download (or Etsy zip file) may only be available to download for a certain period of time.

How to Unzip a Zip File Tutorial

Alright, now that we know what a zip file is, why people use it and how to download a zip file from Etsy – let’s talk about how to OPEN the zip file!

Here is a quick zip file tutorial to help understand how to unpack those files and understand why people use zip files, anyways!

How to Open a Zip File

Here is how to open a zip file or zip folder. Do note, depending on which operating system you are using, it will vary on how to open a file. 

These zip file instructions are for opening a zip file on a PC or Mac (laptop or desktop computer, doesn’t matter – just follow the direction per your operating system.)

If you are trying to extract a zip file on your phone, tablet (or mobile) – keep reading.

Opening a Zip File on a Mac

For us Mac users, opening a zip file is easy peay.

  • Located the zip file and double click on the file
  • Your zip file will be extracted to a folder in the same location of the original zip file.
  • You can delete the zip file, if you want (I have a file hoarding program and keep ALL THE FILES!)

Windows 7 and Windows 10

If you have Windows 7 or Windows 10 – here is how to open a zip file:

  • Right click on the zip file and choose “EXTRACT ALL”
  • Choose where you want the zip folder to be extracted
  • Click the “EXTRACT” button to start unzipping (or extracting the zipped files)
  • Your zip files will now be located in the location that you selected
  • You can delete or keep the zip file – your choice!

Windows XP and Vista

Windows XP and Vista users, here is how you open a zip folder on your computer:

  • Double click on the zip file
  • Next, click on “EXTRACT ALL FILES” link
  • An Extraction Wizard will open – click “NEXT”
  • Choose where you want your unzipped folder to go
  • Click “FINISH”
  • You can now find your unzipped files in the location that you selected.
  • You can delete or keep the zip file.

How to Open a Zip File on Your Mobile

To open a zip file on mobile or your tablet, you will need an app or to use a website.

Apps to Unzip Files

Here are a few app suggestions for unzipping files:

Unzip Files from Apple / iOS

iZip App – zip or unzip files via this ios app.

Unzip Files from Android

WinAip App – tried and true app to extract zip files and to zip files.

Websites to Unzip Files

Saying no to adding yet another app, we get it. Here are some websites to unzip your files – remember these are third parties, use with caution. Don’t ever upload anything that contains information that you don’t want everyone to have. It’s the internet, people!

In conclusion, I hope that this zip file tutorial helps you understand what a zip file is, why people use zip files and how to open zipped files on any device.

Happy unzipping!