How to Edit Printables from Etsy – Editing Editables Purchase With Adobe Reader


Let’s look at how to edit printables from Etsy – this tutorial will show you how to use Adobe Reader to edit your editable printable purchases.

Editing Editable Printables

Did you purchase an editable printable from Etsy? If your purchase specifically stated that your purchase can be edited with Adobe Reader, and you have questions – we are here to give you the answers.

Perks of Buying Printables

Here is the beauty with printables and specifically editable printables. When you buy on Etsy, you are buying from a small business owner. You are purchasing a personal creation, not a mass produced piece. If you like unique and custom, Etsy printables are your go to. BONUS – printables are awesome for last minute people like myself. You can buy and then instantly download.

Some of the printables are editables printables which allow you to customize the printables yourself. This is a growing trend and something we at GEEKINESS do. Today we are showing you how to edit these editable printables with an easy tutorial in how to use Adobe Reader for printables sold that are setup for Adobe Reader customizations.

NOTE: Make sure that the purchase you made is for an editable printable. This would be listed in the product description, specifically we are looking for editing with Adobe Reader.

Adobe Reader Tutorial

We are starting with the basics. We’ve made this super easy by creating an Adobe Reader tutorial that will show you how to edit your editable printables.

adobe reader tutorial

First, you need Adobe Reader. This is a FREE download that allows you to view PDFs and will let you edit (remember, the printable has to be made editable by the seller so this will not work on just any pdf.

Download the Printables from Etsy. If the files come in a zip file, we have a zip file tutorial here to show you how to unzip a printable etsy zip file.

Editing with Adobe Reader

Open Adobe Reader on your computer.

Next, open the PDF file in Adobe Reader.

Adobe Reader Tutorial how to edit editable printables from etsy

You can now see the editable fields for the pdf. These fields should have a shadow behind them. On our editable PDFs, I include dummy text for you to use as a guide on where to revise.

editing printbles

Do note – with the Adobe Reader free version, you are limited to editing only the fields that the Etsy sellers has made editable.

Once you fill in your form, you can “save as” and print. The process is super easy and is a great way to get nice looking printables that are customized by you rather than waiting on a seller to make an edit.

Bonus – on printables, such as our Unicorn Chore Chart for Kids – you can use the file multiple times should you want to use for another child or if you want to revise the chores, etc.

Happy Editing!

We hope this Adobe Reader tutorial answered your questions in regards to editing editable printables from Etsy! If you have any questions about editing a printable – drop your Etsy seller a line for assistance.

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