Daytrip to Decatur TX from Dallas TX

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Special Thanks to the city and businesses in Decatur, TX for having us out to enjoy the town!

Have you ever been to Decatur, TX? Me neither. I’ve lived in Texas pretty much all of my life – minus 7 months in Arkansas that we shall not discuss. And while Decatur, TX is only around 90 minutes from where I live, it’s never been on my radar – until now. 

decatur texas

The city of Decatur recently invited myself and a few other Texas bloggers out to introduce us to the town and all it has to offer.

I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into, but have to say – I haven’t stopped raving about this little Texas town since our day trip. I’m looking forward to going back for a girl’s weekend, yes – it was that much fun. 

Daytrip From Dallas to Decatur TX

The plan was to arrive at 10am. I left at 8 am and picked up my local blogging friend, Carrie from Carrie Elle and then my sister, Betsy from Dallas Socials.

decatur tx daytrip

We laughed and chatted the 90 minute drive to Decatur, arriving just in time to meet up with the others. If you are driving from downtown Dallas, it’s just over an hour drive! 

Trinity Street Coffee in Downtown Decatur

I don’t know about you, but I require coffee to function. And when in Decatur, there is once place for coffee that all the locals go to, and rightfully so. 

Let me introduce you to Trinity Street Coffee – the cutest coffee house that looks like it’s straight out of a Pinterest board. It was a cool, local vibe – rustic yet industrial with a mood that is just cool. Oh, and not only is Trinity Street Coffee a coffee house, they are also a bar too! 

trinity street coffee downtown decatur texas

Trinity Street Coffee is located smack downtown on the square. YES, did I forget to mention this darling little details? Decatur TX has an iconic downtown square with a cute courthouse in the center and everything! Here’s the deets, so you know where to get coffee when in Decatur.

Rumor has it that Trinity Street Coffee has a whiskey club and a cigar club. Just a little more to add to the cool factor. 

Trinity Street Coffee
110 N Trinity St
Decatur, TX 76234

Starting our Decatur TX daytrip out at TSC was perfect. We were able to meet the team from The Big White Barn, a local wedding venue (who graciously paid for our coffee – fist bump.)  We also were introduced to the social media coordinator for Downtown Decatur and met our guides for the day.  

Downtown Square

Next we did a little walking around the Decatur downtown square. From the cute HEY SUGAR candy and ice cream shop to Rooster’s Roadhouse restaurant, the square is quite a happening place. 

decatur tx town square
image source: Decatur Public Library

Our next stop was unexpected and a true delight – for many reasons – including photos of butts and it once being a brothel. 

Courthouse Suites

On our little walk around town, we came upon a door leading to an upstair. Our guide walked us in and explained how this was the Courthouse Suites, an AirBNB that was a brothel MANY years ago. That little fun fact had me chuckling. 

The Courthouse Suites offers a collection of rooms for rent that are like well, suites – tiny apartments (or large apartments if you are comparing these to New York size apartments!)

Wine Bottle Chandelier

And can we just pause and applaud this wine bottle chandelier.

wine bottle chandelier - decatur tx daytrip

I mean, seriously – how cool is this chandelier made from a wine bottle.

The decor was on point and each room had a theme. The halls were decorated with hand drawings of butts – quite comical, I do say but tastefully done. The vintage feel of the building is present but the decor and modern updates are really amazing. BONUS, the Courthouse Suites sit on top of a darling yoga studio. You know, just incase you want to get you zen on. 

Courthouse Suites
103A W Main St
Decatur, TX, 76234

Marker Cellars Winery

After our trip thru Courthouse Suites and the yoga studio, we were offered a choose your own adventure. With one of the adventures being a trip to a vineyard, this was not a hard decision.

Our sweet guide packed us into her vehicle and off we went into the country to a small winery and vineyard called Marker Cellar. Located just a few miles outside of Decatur in the tiny Texas town of Alvord, TX sits a little treasure called Marker Cellar Winery. 

texas proud wine glass at Marker Cellar Winery decatur tx

Marker Cellar is the creation of a man named Mark and his wife, Becky. They own over 90 acres and actually live on the property. They cleared the property themselves and built this wine business as their retirement project.

Our time was spent learning about the wine making process and hearing the stories behind how the wines are named.  And while the stories were great, the wine tasting was even better!

My palette likes a sweet wine and Mark had just the assortment for me – including his wine called “Mark’s Mistake.” Make sure to ask him about it, it truly is delicious and anything but a mistake (this isn’t typically sold to the public but I had to bring a bottle home!)


The winey also serves as an event center. Mark told us that they even had a celebration of life here – in which I promptly turned to my sister and informed her that my celebration of life needs to be at a winery. I mean, come on – that is how you celebrate someone! 

Marker Cellars Winery offers an intimate Texas country experience. It’s not your fancy shmancy winery or vineyard experience, but more of a personal one – which honestly I prefer. Mark even has a small vineyard on the property!

Visit Mark, tell him I sent you and that you want to try Mark’s mistake! 

Marker Cellars Winery
1484 County Road 2585
Alvord, TX 76225
Open Thursday – Sunday, noon – 6 pm

The House on Main

After a little day drinking, our guide carted us to The House on Main for lunch. Now you guys, listen – this house is what had me looking at real estate in Decatur, TX. It’s really old and absolutely stunning. From tall ceilings to wide halls to MASSIVE rooms – this house had me swooning. 

The House on Main Decatur TX bed and breakfast

The House on Main served us an amazing catered meal and let us dance around the halls in awe of the decor. It will soon be available for rent, so we got a sneak peek at what’s to come and you guys – perfect for a girl’s weekend. This mother – daughter duo who own the property expect to open in the Spring of 2019. Follow them on Instagram @thehouseonmain for more swooning. 

The House on Main
605 W Main Street
Decatur, Texas 

DIY Studio Decatur

You guys, it was a FULL DAY of fun and activities. To conclude our day, we headed back near downtown to the DIY Studio Decatur – a darling warehouse that you will want to know about.

So not only does this family own an amazing DIY studio to make all of your signs and what have yous – they also manufacture products including many for Magnolia!

That’s right, these owners have been on Fixer Upper and have supplied many homes and even have products at the Magnolia Silos in Waco.

So if you are Chip and JoJo (Chip and Joanna Gaines for you guys that aren’t Fixer Upper fangirls) – that should give you an idea of the quality and genius that is behind this studio.

diy studio decatur i love texas wine sign digital mom blog

Anyways, let’s talk about the conclusion of our day. We were able to choose a sign that we wanted to make and the DIY Studio team helped us create and customize a masterpiece! I chose the I LOVE TEXAS WINE sign, because – duh. It was super easy and fun to do. BONUS – the mess was contained to the studio and not my garage. 

Thanks DIY Studio Decatur for having us out!

DIY Studio Decatur
205 N Newark Street
Decatur, TX 76234

Here’s a snap of the Texas Bloggers that joined us for our Decatur TX Daytrip!

texas blogger day trip decatur tx

Decatur, Texas Art

I love me some art, and even though this town is small (Decatur TX population is approximately 6200 people) – there are art elements to appreciate, which makes this wanna-be-artist’s heart happy. In addition to old homes that make you want to instantly move there (I spent a good few hours going thru real estate listings!) – here are a few of our favorite local art finds. 

This fun phone booth, not only works – its is a seasonal art piece that changes with the seasons


Decatur TX wall mural is a must stop for that road trip photo. 

decatur texas mural downtown square

More from Decatur, TX

Well folks, that’s all I got. Decatur, Texas – you impressed us! We had such a great time, it was the perfect daytrip from Dallas! 

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Thanks again to all of the businesses and the town of Decatur for hosting us. We had a great time!