Free & Adorable – Download & Personalize These Printable Christmas Gift Tags

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Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags – save money with these adorable printable Christmas tags.

It’s beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS! AND I AM SO EXCITED I COULD PEE, not really but I am excited.

This year, I am bound and determined to get a grip on the gift wrapping. The last several years (okay, the last decade that I’ve been a parent) – it’s been a last minute rush job for the hubs and I to get everything wrapped and under the tree.  In my attempt to think ahead, I thought – why not create some printable Christmas tags – hence this post..

Free Printable Christmas Gift Tag

I’ve created 6 different designs in both red and green. All you have to do is download, print, cut, hole punch and thread some twine thru the hole and SHAZAM – free Christmas tags!

Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags

Personalize Your Christmas Gift Tags with PicMonkey

If you want to get extra crafty – you can personalize these gift tags! It’s super simple. I am going to show you how to put these images into Picmonkey and personalize these tags! What I usually do is personalize by putting Love, Molly or something like that. Then just write the gift recipeint’s name above.

*The printable Christmas tags were updated in 2017 so while the instruction below work, you the image looks different.

PicMonkey Tutorial 

First – click here to download the zip file. You will need to unzip and choose whether you want to personalize the red or the green tags (or both!)


Click Edit > Computer

personalize christmas gift tags picmonkey tutorial

Next, you will want to select the TEXT (or the T) from the right hand menu. Draw a box where you want to put your text. Insert your text. If you want to change fonts, just select the text – THEN select the font. This also works when you are wanting to change the font size in PicMonkey. SELECT THE TEXT FIRST people!

Create Christmas Tags with PicMonkey

To save, first click SAVE – then you will be taken to another screen (see below). This is where you select the file name and size. You should be able to just leave the file size the same.

save file pic monkey

That’s it! Your gifts will look awesome with personalized Christmas gift tags. These would be great for general gifts to neighbors and teachers and what have you.

Can anyone else believe that Christmas is ALREADY HERE? ME NEITHER!

Don’t forget to check out these Christmas posts and if you do end up using these, please send me a photo on our Facebook page – and as always, pins and FB likes are always appreciated.