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3 Tips for Buying Kids Summer Clothes

Disclosure: I am a P.S. from Aeropostale VIP Blog Ambassador and was provided with a gift card to aid in this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

It’s summer time and that means the kids need new clothes, again. Here is the thing with summer clothes though. We live in Texas so I know whatever clothes I buy the kids for summer, they will be worn a large part of the year.

If you are having to buy your kids summer clothes, check out these 3 tips.

1. Buy shorts with an elastic waist expander

I love that boys can wear shorts for at least 2 summers, thanks to whoever decided to make kids’ clothes like maternity clothes. You know those elastic waist bands on maternity clothes? Yes, they put those in kids’ clothes. Buying shorts a size bigger with the elastic waist band will increase  your chances of your child being able to wear the shorts for more than 1 year.

PS from AERO offers a plethora of options with elastic adjustable waist bands.

There are my son’s new favorite shorts. If I could just get him to take them off so I could wash them. Fortunately, they match just about everything:

Here is the outfit E is wearing:

2. Let Your Child Express Their Style

I love my daughter, but we butt heads when it comes to many things, but there is something that I quickly learned when it came to clothes shopping with her. If I let her choose it (rather than me just buying it because I liked it), she will wear it.  I let her go on and choose an outfit – here is what she chose:

Here is the outfit Z chose:

3. Choose clothes that are cute and comfortable

I bought 2 of these outfits because YES, I AM that mom that dresses her sons’ alike. I can’t help it. I love these shorts, and so do the boys. They are cotton, with a tie string waist (which means they can wear them next year.) Bonus: my kids always fall asleep in their clothes which I am fine with as long as they are comfortable – these shorts are perfect for sleeping in!

Izaiah is obsessed with Spiderman, so the shirt was a hit!

Here is what Izaiah is wearing:

I’m so thankful for our partnership with PS From AERO. I am always impressed with the quality, style and affordability of their clothes.

What Advice Do You Have for Summer Clothes Shopping?




Thursday 14th of April 2016

Cotton clothes should be on the top of the preferred list shop for kid’s cloth for summers. Also you can avoid dressing your child in bright colors or flowery prints for summer season.