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5 Great Speech Therapy Apps for Kids to Help Improve Talking

Speech therapy apps – helping your littles with their speech via an app is a great way to learn thru play. Learning thru play is something we have really strived to do with our kids.

When our older kids were little, iPads and technology really weren’t a thing. They learned thru play occurred with toys from brands like Leap Frog and Baby Einstein.

speech therapy apps

Fast forward, our younger two kids are all about iPads and electronics. So when it became apparent that both of our littles needed speech therapy, in additional to working with a speech therapist – we incorporated app play. 

Best Speech Therapy Apps

These speech therapy apps are not meant to replace speech therapy by any means, but act as another encourager and teach as your child learns to pronounce sounds correctly. 

Articulation Station

First on our list of Speech Therapy Apps for Kids is the Articulation Station speech app. This speech therapy app offers 6 engaging articulation activities.

articulation station  speech therapy app

This speech therapy app is free to download and offers the “P” sound program for free. You will need to purchase the other sound programs. 

The Articulation Station app offers practice at the word, phrase, sentence and story levels in one app. These activities encourage your kid to love practicing their sounds and hopefully forget that they are actually working, not playing!

Here are some features. Something to note, this is app offers in-app purchases. The reviews are excellent. Here are some of the ways that the Articulation Station app will help with in regards to speech therapy.

  • 20 target words per sound (initial, medial and final)
  • Create custom word lists
  • Flashcard activity
  • Mathing activity
  • Group sessions (up to 6 students at one time!)
  • Shuffle multiple sounds

Download from iTunes

Elmo Loves ABCs 

While the Elmo Loves ABCs app is not your standard speech therapy app, is does work with your children on articulation and it features a fun lovable character that your child probably already knows… ELMO!

The Elmo Loves ABCs app features songs, videos, games and more all about letters! 

Elmo Speech Therapy

This app helps your child with learning their ABCs and it’s all taught by favorite Sesame Street character, Elmo!

Kids can color with the Sesame Street coloring pages. Play hide and seek. Trace letters and more.

Here are some of the ways the Elmo Loves ABCs app can help your child with speech.

Letter identification (uppercase and lowercase), sounds, tracing, art and creativity as well as music appreciation.

Elmo Loves ABCs App Tips

Personalize Elmo Loves ABCs by adding your own content, remember to complete all the fields: name, recording, photo, and video! If you do not have all four, your content will not appear in the game. 

elmo loves abc speech therapy apps
Help kids learn their ABCs with Elmo

Your videos must be in “Photos” (your device’s photo library) on your iPad or they will not be accessible by the game. 

To upload video into the “Photos” folder using iTunes, connect your device and click on the “Photos” tab. Click on the “sync photos from” box, and use the drop down menu to choose the folder that your videos are in.

Make sure that you have the “include videos” box checked before you sync. If you are using a Mac, you may also use iPhoto to sync your videos under the pictures tab. Again, just make sure you have the “include videos” box checked.

Download from iTunes

Kids Vocabulary, Grammar and Language Learning Games App

Another Speech Therapy Apps for Kids to check out is the Kids Vocabulary, Grammar and Language Learning Games App.

speech therapy apps fro kids

This app was developed to help your child get ready for school with fun language development learning and educational games for kids via an app.

You can add up to 4 kids per account. This app will help reward your child as he progresses and learns. There is no third party advertising and each child has a unique progress tracker that allow you to follow their progress.

Kids Vocabulary, Grammar and Language Learning Games App uses cross-curricular game-based learning program in Math, Science, Literacy, Language and more. All activities are designed with educational and child development experts.

Download from iTunes

Phonics Studio App

Phonics Studio app is a free app that provides over 2,500 flashcards to help kids pronounce more than 200 sounds.

Phonics Speech Therapy Apps for Kids

Your kid selects a letter from the alphabet than a sound. Each has a collection of flashcards. Your child can practice by listening and then recording their voice saying the sounds. 

The app comes loaded with over 2,500 gorgeous flashcards Phonic sounds are grouped by letter into 200+ unique sound groups.

There are consistent number of phonic words within each sound group using high quality images.

Phonics Studio app supports in-depth scoring and user tracking – with an unlimited number of users supports.

The app is designed for kids of all ages and abilities and is fully customizable to fit your students speech therapy needs.

Download from iTunes

Speech Therapy Tool Kit

Last on our list of Speech Therapy Apps for Kids is The Speech Therapy Tool Kit app. It was created by a licensed SLP and offers nine great tools for parents, teachers and therapists.

This app is free to download, but does offer in-app purchases for full capability. Here is what is included in the Speech Therapy Tool Kit app:

  • Milo’s Sticker Chart is great for rewarding children. There are a lot of cute stickers for your child to choose from. You can have a sticker chart for as many children as you like. 
  • The Coloring Book is good fun for any child. You can color on the iPad or print it out and color the old fashioned way. 
  • Therapy Ideas is new and improved. We have 130 ideas for activities focused on speech and language, and we continue to add more. We have the ideas broken into ‘general’, ‘articulation’, ‘language’, and ‘videos’.
  • Articulation Tool – popular articulation images, there are approximately 1400 images.
  • Tracking Tools: goal tracker, therapy notes to keep daily SOAP notes, attendance tracker, IEP calendar
  • Age Calculator

Download from iTunes

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