App Review – Jake’s Neverland Pirate School Disney Junior App


Dive into the adventurous world of Jake’s Neverland Pirate School app, where young learners embark on a journey filled with treasure hunts, problem-solving, and the joy of discovery.

Jakes Never Land Pirate School App Review

This engaging app review explores the interactive features and educational benefits that make it a standout choice for parents seeking to combine entertainment with learning.

jakes neverland pirate school review

With its vibrant graphics, intuitive gameplay, and captivating storyline, the app promises to whisk children away to the high seas, where they’ll join Jake and his merry band of pirates on quests that not only entertain but educate.

Whether it’s navigating through mystical islands or learning the ropes of pirate life, this app is a treasure chest of fun and learning, waiting to be unlocked. Here are some of the things your kids will be doing in this app:


Sail Bucky and Jake around obstacles and use Bucky’s gadgets to collect barrels, fruit and to shoot beach balls to whales and dolphins.

Pirate Band 

Learn to play five different instruments and make a pirate song with Bones and Sharky.

Map & Spyglass

Navigate Never Land with Cubby and then use the spyglass to find exciting treasures with Jake!

Pixie Dust

Fly through mazes with Izzy and Skully and trace shapes to scare away Captain Hook cutouts blocking your way.

Jake's neverland pirate app

Your child will earn Badges of Honor and an Official Never Land Pirate Certificate. In addition to the classes, he or she can build her own pirate character!

Things to Know About Jakes Neverland Pirate School App:

  • Created by Disney
  • Designed for ages 3 and up
  • It’s FREE!
  • Based on the Jake and the Never Land Pirates TV show
  • Available for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
jakes never land pirates app review

Our kids loved playing Jakes Neverland Pirate School app and we think your kids will enjoy it too!

As our exploration of Jake’s Neverland Pirate School app comes to a close, it’s clear that this digital playground offers much more than just amusement. It stands as a testament to how interactive learning apps can effectively blend education with entertainment, capturing the imaginations of young minds and fostering a love for learning through adventure.

With its array of educational activities designed to develop critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills, the app is a valuable tool for parents and educators alike. So, set sail on a learning adventure where every child is the captain of their own journey, navigating through the fun-filled waters of Neverland, guided by the spirit of exploration and the joy of discovery.

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