5 Apple iPhone 5 Rumors That Are Buzzin’

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apple iphone 5 rumors
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So the Apple iPhone 5 is due out soon, we know that RIGHT? Well not exactly, but if history serves correct – Apple will release the latest iPhone soon. Their last iPhone 4S was released in October of 2011.  After a non-impressive launch with the 4Gs and after the passing of Steve Jobs, will Apple still shine with their new iPhone 5 release? Or will I be making a switch to Android?

Apple iPhone 5 Rumors

So let’s see what the latest with in the rumor mill is saying. Here are 5 Apple iPhone 5 Rumors that the web is buzzin’ with.

1. How Big Will the iPhone 5 Screen Be?

According to this video from iPhone5parts.net, the front glass panel will be longer, around 4 inch screen and scratch resistant.

2. When Will the iPhone 5 Launch? iPhone 5 Launch Date

ZDnet is reporting the rumor of the official launch date Wednesday, September 12th. Typically Apple launches and then pre-order follows a few days after launch. Shipment is typically 2-3 weeks after launch/pre-order.

3. How Much Will the New iPhone 5 Cost?  $800??

Did you see Twitter blow up with the hashtag #800dollarsforaniPhone? The iPhone 4GS retailed for $399 with a service plan and 64 gb memory. $800, APPLE please let this be a rumor – this mom has kids to feed.

4. What Type of Dock Connector Will the iPhone 5 Have?

Mashable reports the rumor that the Apple iPhone 5 will have a 19-pin dock connector instead of the current 30-pin one.

5. What Will the iPhone 5 Look Like?

This video shows a unibody design with a two-tone element for the iPhone 5 – but of course this is a rumor and this video could totally be bologna.

This will be a fun post to look back at to see what rumors actually are true and which ones we can call bologna on!

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What Do You Think? Is It Worth Holding Out for the Apple iPhone 5 or Is It Worth Getting the Much Buzzed About Samsung 3GS? 


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