How to Paint Your Nails Ombre

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Wanna learn how to paint your nails ombre? Ombre – yes, it’s still all the rage. The ombre trend that seem to start with hair color has now spread like wild fire to everything from t-shirts, birthday cakes and well – NAILS!

how to paint ombre nails

How to Paint Your Nails Ombre

Here’s the supplies you’ll need to get started with the ombre nails. 

  • 2 color polishes and a topcoat
    • Pick 2 nail polish colors that compliment or that clash – whatever fits your style. I personally love the 2 pinks in the photos.
  • A make-up sponge
    • Dollar tree has these and the quality is just the same of the ones I purchased at Target.
  • A plastic sheet
    • Saran Wrap works just fine.
  • Toothpicks
  • Nail polish remover
  • Q-tips

ombre nails how to

Step 1

First paint your nails the lightest of your 2 nail polish colors.

Step 2

Next, lay down the plastic wrap and pour a small puddle of each of your two nail colors right next to each other.

Step 3

Using the toothpick mix the center of the two nail polish colors together to create a gradient (hence ombre nails!). Make sure not to mix the 2 nail colors totally,

Step 4

Wet the make-up sponge and squeeze the water out. Take the sponge and dab the gradient nail polish mixture.

Step 5

Dab the sponge onto your painted nails creating the ombre on your nails.

Step 6

Place a few layers of the top coat onto your nails. The top coat will help smooth out the bumps that the sponge may of left.

Step 7

Place some nail polish remover onto your q-tip and clean up all of the excess nail polish around the cuticles.

Step 8

Enjoy your pretty ombre nails!


adjective \?äm-?br?\

Definition of OMBRÉ

: having colors or tones that shade into each other —used especially of fabrics in which the color is graduated from light to dark
— ombré noun

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