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A Fitbit Alternative – Moves iPhone App


Looking for an alternative to Fitbit?  Move over Fitbit – it looks like there is a new app in town that replaces you. Introducing the Moves app for iPhone

fitbit alternative iphone app

Moves App – Fitbit Alternative

In the fitness world, the Fitbit and Nike Fuelband are all the rage. The Fitbit is a wireless activity tracker that rings in at $99.95. While I have heard rave reviews about this device, I personally haven’t tried it.

With that same idea of tracking your activities, you can use an app as a Fitbit alternative.

About the Fitbit Alternative – Moves App

Meet the Moves app. The new moves app for the iPhone tracks physical activity for everyone else for free and without the need of a pricey gadget.

App Features

moves app for iphone

Tracks walking, cycling and running. The app also senses when users are in transit. Also uses GPS to identify locations visited.

Neat, simple-to-use interface for tracking with no effort.

No sign-up needed download the app and start tracking straight away.

Daily and weekly summaries of activity.

Getting started couldn’t be easier. The app doesn’t need users to sign up or input login details so tracking can start straight away. The app tracks walking, cycling, running and steps for stairs also. The app gives you some handy context too by identifying locations users have visited and plot them on the app’s activity, Starbucks or the gym. Users are kept updated with a daily notification summarizing just how active they have (or haven’t) been.

Since launching in January 2013, the Moves app has over one million downloads.

The amount of walking tracked last month by Moves in the UK is more than walking to the moon and back

Moves is designed for users who may frequent the gym less than their friends but would like to know about the activity they’re tracking. It’s the must-have download for people leading a busy lifestyle. No effort is needed. The app tracks exercise in the background and sends users a daily notification summarizing their Moves. It couldn’t be easier!

Fitness tracking has become more and more important for people who are fitness enthusiasts but also the type of person who may not got to the gym or run every day, said Sampo Karjalainen, the man behind Moves. Moves is a must-have download for both types of people.”

moves app compared to fitbit

Moves is available to download for free on the App Store

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