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As I had mentioned in my Further with Ford recap, last week I had the honor of attending this media event with Ford in San Francisco. While we had a ton of conference time, learning about new technology, how Ford is adapting to the new mobility trends and how other businesses are utilizing technology – Thursday was a day that I won’t forget. Ford set us up on a driving tour of San Francisco.

Ford arranged for a driver to pick me up at the airport. I met the darling Yvonne from Moms LA and we rode into downtown. The 45-minute drive (hello, traffic.) was lovely. Yvonne had lived not far away, in Berkeley and provided all kinds of local insider information about the city. It’s one thing to ride around in the city, but on Thursday when we got to jump behind the wheel of a Ford and experience the city for ourselves… That was magic.

heart in san francisco

We conferenced Tuesday and Wednesday and then Thursday had the chance to hit the road. It was an early morning start, but worth it. We partnered up, grabbed any of the 50 Ford vehicles that were available, jumped in for a ride to a San Francisco destination. So as mentioned, we conference Tuesday and Wednesday and then Thursday hit the road. We were able to check out: the Golden Gate Bridge, Palace of Fine Arts and the Painted Ladies. Here’s a few shots.

Golden Gate Bridge


Thanks Ford, for sharing this pic on Instagram!


Crank up those @spotify tunes on the available SYNC 3 in a #Ford Escape and see the sights! It’s been another fantastic Further with Ford conference – we’ll miss you San Francisco! #FordTrends Photo by @digitalmom

My sister and I, with the Ford Escape and Golden Gate Bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco

OH, yes – my sister. I forgot to mention she was there as well. Meet Betsy, she too is a blogger and having her on media trips and media events is the bestest.

Painted Ladies

I had no idea what the Painted Ladies were, then I saw them “OH, FULL HOUSE!” Yes, this is from the iconic opening shot of Full House. Betsy and I drove the Ford Fusion, as shown in this shot.

Painted Ladies Full House home San Francisco

There is a park across the way where we parked to get this shot. While sure, it was neat seeing – the view of San Francisco in the background is unbelievable! And the crowds just to see this place were insane. Right after I snapped this, a tour bus full of people littered the area – taking pics.

San Francisco Painted Ladies

Palace of Fine Arts

After the driving tour to see the Painted Ladies, we ventured back to our headquarters and sitting in the parking lot waiting for us was a bright orange Ford Mustang convertible 5.0. It was 72 degrees outside, perfect convertible weather. We jumped in and drove to the Palace of Fine Arts not knowing what to expect of the location or the car.

ford mustang convertible

So first, let’s talk about this car. Like, WOAH. I tried to put the pedal to the medal, but had to break fast, because it’s San Francisco and the traffic was hell.

Ford Mustang

We couldn’t feel the full potential of this machine but knew that when pressing gas, you have to be careful because that horse had giddy-up. It’s a gorgeous vehicle, perfect for the California weather. I can’t tell you how many people were mumbling about this car. It demands attention.

Palace of Fine Arts

The Palace of Fine Arts was impressive as well. I had no idea that this landmark existed and we were so glad to be able to see it – the photos don’t do it justice. This place is massive and wish he had more time to get out and explore all it had to offer.

Palace of Fine Arts San Francisco California


palace of fine arts

Messy hair, don’t care when in a Mustang convertible!

messy hair dont care

Top down, driving thru the streets of San Francisco? This was the perfect end to fabulous Forward with Ford event.
After returning our vehicles, we had a few hours to spare. We grabbed an Uber and headed out to see what we could in our short window before flying home. Our time in San Francisco was WAY too short. Glad we were able to see what we did, but next time I am booking a few days just to tour the sights.


Next time, I definitely want to tour Alcatraz. This trip, I was able to walk to the pier and get a few shots.

Alcatraz San Francisco

Ghirardelli Square and Store

Ghirardelli square

Yes, San Francisco is home to the beloved Ghirardelli chocolate. The store was busy, but was able to grab a few things and check out quickly. The soda fountain was way too packed for us to even entertain the idea of getting a sundae. It was definitely touristy, but a fun stop. Plus, my husband was home with our kids alone for 3 days, he deserves chocolate.

Fisherman’s Wharf

There was a ton to explore in the Fisherman’s Wharf area. From views of the pier, restaurants galore and shopping. We only had 15 minutes to spend here, but it was time well spent.


We were so bummed we weren’t able to hit Japantown (yes, apparently it’s a thing in San Fran!) My sister and I are both a quarter Japanese. What’s second best? Chinatown!

San Francisco Chinatown

You know the song, I left my heart in San Francisco? Yeah, I did that. I admit-tingly had never had any major desire to go to San Francisco. Napa Valley? YES! San Fran? Not so much. From the moment I stepped out of the plane, feeling the 71 degree weather with just the right breeze, I had a feeling that I had been missing out on something and these 3 days proved that for sure. I’ve already started planning a weekend getaway with the husband.

What a whirlwind of a trip. From information overload to an unforgettable experience in a city that I now LOVE, NO WONDER I AM STILL EXHAUSTED.
Thanks again Ford!

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