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When to Start Potty Training – 5 Signs To Watch For


Are you wondering when to start potty training your toddler?

When to Start Potty Training

We are currently in the midst of getting our 3 year old son Izaiah to pee on the toilet, not on the floor. WHEE, it’s uhm quite the adventure to say the least.

5 signs that it's time to start potty training your toddler

This is our third child to potty train, though admit tingly the first two were pretty much trained by their Mary Poppins baby sitter.

We have tried potty training this kid before, and it just wasn’t the right time. When to start potty training will vary with each child, the easiest approach is to wait until the timing is right before starting.

So what should you look for? Check out these cues there your toddler is ready to pee on the toilet.

5 Signs That Your Toddler is Ready to Potty Train

Here are 5 signs that your toddler is ready to get rid of the diaper and start using the toilet.

Your Toddler Recognizes When He is Peeing in His Diaper

“PEE!” Yes, the beloved recognition when your kid gets that he is peeing in his pants – it may be a potty training sign!

Your Toddler is Interested in Sitting on the Toilet

My kid had NO interest in even sitting on the potty before this last go round of training. Wait until your toddler can sit calmly on the toilet before jumping to peeing in the potty.

Your Toddler Hates Wearing a Wet or Dirty Diaper

Our final straw on holding out on potty training was the toddler would NOT keep his diaper on because he HATED wearing a dirty diaper. I mean, who wouldn’t right? Before a week ago, the toddler would sit in pee for years if we let him.

Your Toddler Shows Interest in What You Are Doing on the Toilet

Okay, there is nothing more annoying than my kid trying to get into the bathroom. Oh well, then there is the kid staring at you while you pee. Uncomfortable much? Okay, maybe it’s a sign he wants to know how to pee on the potty.

You Are Ready and Committed to Training

Oh the final sign when to start potty training – YOU are ready to get committed and get this show on the road!

Not only is potty training a learning process for your toddler, it’s a MAJOR commitment on your part. Make sure there are no vacations planned and that you are available anytime to make this happen.

When to Start Potty Training? What Are Your Thoughts?

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