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Who God Is – A Simple Understanding of Who He Really Is

Who God Is – You know when you have a goal and you are SO close but then life smacks you in the face. Yeah – that’s what happened here the last TWO days of this Lent Experiment.

I mean, I even wrote with zero sleep from a plane but for some reason on Good Friday and this Easter weekend, I just needed to enjoy family and friends – and that’s exactly what we did.

I’m concluding these last 2 days of Lent because while I maybe writing these late, this series will be completed because this Lenten season has stirred my heart in unknown ways. I’ll write more on this but today – I wanted to talk about Who God Is. 

Who God Is

This series at church where we are talking about Unexpected Love has me screaming from the roof tops – GOD IS LIVE. So just in case you needed an answer to the question – Who is God? God is Love, y’all. 

Last Tuesday, we met with our people (aka life group.) We sat around, enjoyed chips, salsa and drinks and most importantly a deep conversation about who God is and what showing love like God.

During Easter service, our pastor spoke on how Jesus people show love in ways that can make you scratch your head. Our church will be paying bail bonds and helping those individuals create a new life. Another element is near where we live, there was a massive ICE raid in Allen, TX. This was the biggest workplace raid by ICE.

god is love

Our church is coming around the families and individuals and finding ways to love them. WHY? Because that’s what Jesus would do.

Another comment our pastor said was yes, there is all kinds of politics involved in everything we are doing. We are letting the government do the politics, while we do the work of Jesus. Jesus said Love and that’s what God is. God is love. 

God is Not a White Man Lyrics

Michael Gungor is a genius. While the last few years, he has taken a different path as he questions life and faith – that does not take away from the brilliant songs that he’s written. During our Tuesday meetup, this song just kept playing in my head. Then after church this week, again – all I could think about what this song.  Here are God is Not a White man lyrics by Michael Gungor. Available here for Download.

God is not a man
God is not a white man
God is not a man sitting on a cloud

God cannot be bought
God will not be boxed in
God will not be owned by religion

But God is love
God is love
And He loves everyone

God is love
God is love
And He loves everyone

[Verse 2]
God is not a man
God is not an old man
God does not belong to Republicans

God is not a flag
Not even American
And God does not depend on a government

But God is good
God is good
And He loves everyone

God is good
God is good
And He loves everyone<

Atheists and Charlatans and Communists and Lesbians
And even old Pat Robertson
Oh God He loves us all

Catholic or Protestant
Terrorist or President
Everybody, everybody
Love, love, love, love, love, oh

Yeah, I say God is love
God is love
And He loves everyone

Stop the hating
Please just stop the hating now
‘Cause God is love

THIS – New Book By Michael Gungor

As I mentioned, Michael Gungor has gone thru a roller coaster in regards to his faith. I think this is such a brave thing for him to discuss, especially with all that he has given to the Christian community in regards to worship. He just released a new book called This. I’m looking forward to listening to THIS book, this week. 

this michael gungor book

Buy Book Here or Audio Book Here

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Michael Gungor Band Video

Here is the Michael Gungor Band video for God is Not a White Man. 

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